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I watch the bees by Micia96
I watch the bees
Haven´t submitted Artwork in ages...euh, sorry.

As excuse: A little Cas ; )

Castiel as portrayed by Misha Collins (c) CW Supernatural
Artwork (c) Micia96

Chapter 16– Back in Time

The first thing you thought about in the morning wasn´t the potential end of the world…it was breakfast. Your first way lead you to the floor above you, where you had met the Avengers the day before, to find some breakfast.

On your way to what you hoped to be the kitchen, you passed an open door: a glance into I revealed it the dining room. You were greeted with an interesting sight: Stark and Clint were already sitting at the table, it was some when around 7 am, but neither of them looked even slightly awake. Tony glared at a glass of water in front of him, his face leaned on his hands, a painful expression on it, while Clint absent minded stirred with a spoon in his cornflakes bowl, he was almost asleep.

You stared at them for some seconds, when you heard closer coming steps and saw Natasha next to you. She looked a moment over your shoulder, then she faced you with a broad smirk.

Guess who decided to turn the night into day?” She asked this in a rather loud voice, making Tony wince and glare at her.

I guess Stark was the one who looked too deep in the bottle then…but what ´bout Clint?”

You looked concerned at the archer; he was still stirring in his bowl, not even moving any other muscle and staring into the air with blank eyes.

If I noticed it correctly…Stark made him bet that he could spend the next 48 hours without sleeping.”

Both of you walked into the kitchen then, giggling about the childish behavior of these so-called superheroes, and making yourself some breakfast before reentering the big room.

During your absence, another person has joined the group; Steve who has sat down next to Clint and was currently leaving in the newspaper. When he noticed the two of you entering the room, he looked up with a bright smile.

Good morning, Miss Romanoff, Miss Y/N.” He said this a little bit louder than necessary; obviously everybody was enjoying Tony´s reactions upon reminding him of his headache.

Captain.” Nat nodded with a smile and you decided to join in the game and beamed with a loud voice.

Good morning, Steve! And an especially good morning, Tony!” Last one just shot you a death glare and mumbled something you couldn´t understand.

“And good morning Clint!” Clint didn´t react. The effect which lack of sleep had on him was quite interesting.

Agent Barton, you are stirring your breakfast to death!” Finally, he looked up, his brows risen in confusion. “Uh? Ah, good morning, YN/N, Nat, Cap.”

You giggled again before you turned your attention back at your breakfast. From then on, everybody was eating, reading or whatever silently and at some point Bruce and Thor joined the group: While Bruce just shook his head upon Tony´s condition, Thor seemed to be highly amused about the mortal way of coping, or not coping as in Stark´s case, with the results of consuming too much alcohol.

Once you were finished it was time to go.

What!? You already leave us?” When you announced that you would leave, Tony really managed to ignore his hammering head for a second.

As sorry as I am, yes. I have some problems going on elsewhere.”

“And our date, sweetheart?” How did he even manage to pull such a smirk although he was obviously still in pain?
Grow up, Stark.”

“But do I at least get a hug as goodbye?”

You sighed firmly, but hugged him nevertheless; he was a flirtatious idiot…but an amiable one. You also hugged the others goodbye, well except for Nat, she didn´t appear to be the kind of person to show any affection. Thor appeared to be a big fan of hugs, Steve was all polite and gentle and Bruce…well you rarely ever had seen anyone blushing like this. When you had left the tower and were about to zap yourself away the last inhabitant of the Tower showed up to bid you fare well.

Lady Y/N, what a pity that you already leave us.”

You turned around to Loki with a slight smile.

What a nice surprise that everybody seems to mind my absence that much…especially regarding that we know each other so little.”

“But you are such a lovely aquentaince…although I am sure that we will see each other soon my dear.”

You didn´t like the way he pronounced the soon, but you were not in the mood to investigate this further. When he came closer, you had to resist the urge to step back. With a charming smile he took your hand in his, giving it a gentle kiss before letting go of it with a swift bow. You gave him a distrusting glance, before you adjusted your pocket watch. At the moment, you had more urgent problems than him.



The place you landed wasn´t exactly a surprise; A parking space in front of an old, seedy motel. The Impala was standing right next to you, of course since you had adjusted the watch´s “respawn” at KAZ-2Y5…it´s number plate. Now it was time to get the Winchesters; good for Crowley if he preferred you to handle everything without them, but you didn´t see an actual reason to leave the brothers out, the whole stuff was their fault after all, …alright you weren´t completely innocent either but who cares?

It was earlier than at “9” which you just left behind, maybe 4, or 5 am, but since you had a valid reason to do so you decided to search the Winchesters nevertheless and wake them up. Luckily finding them wasn´t the hard part: you immediately recognized their door: it was the only one with a salt line in front of it. The window was guarded as well; they definitely tried to keep Pandora´s demons away.

Without knocking you went in, surprised that the door was open but a glance at the lock revealed that it wasn´t possible to lock the damaged door.

You were surprised that the sleeping guy’s didn´t wake up upon your entrance so you walked to the window with a few long strides, opening the curtains in a quick movement and sing-saying in a warm, friendly voice.

Good morning, princesses! The sun is rising, no clouds are to be seen and the demons are on their way to tear your handsome faces apart, so get your pretty asses out of bed and move them here!”

When you turned around you were suddenly face in face with Dean, and especially the enormous knife in his hand.

Geez, easy there tiger!”

Obviously, they did wake up when you entered the room, and Dean was still sleeping with a weapon under his pillow, luckily, he recognized you before using it.

Y/N?” Sam has now also stood up, eyeing you and Dean by turns while trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Mornin´, Sammy! At least you do not attack the only one trying to help you guys.”

“That´s what you get for not knocking.” Dean growled, finally laying his knife away and rubbing his eyes as well. He leaned against a chair and finally broke a small smirk.

Though I can´t complain being waken up like this. I mean without the demon-talk, but the sight was quite enjoyable.”

You and Sam both rolled your eyes in synch. Now the hunter strongly reminded you of a certain billionaire.

Anyways I am not here to play alarm clock.”

Sam seemed honestly relieved.

You know how to stop Pandora´s demons?”

You nodded with a proud smile; you were actually happy to be able to help them…they had had enough problems handled all alone in the past.

Since the demons had been created together with the box, they are attached to it, even though they are free now, if we destroy the box they will vanish as well.”

“Great to hear, well the only problem I see…” Sam looked away uncomfortably while Dean scratched the back of his head, trying to find the correct words.

Yeah, yeah I know you already lost the box again.” They seemed surprised to hear that you already knew about it but you didn´t give them the time to ask more detailed.

Anyways this is not the problem for now; we can solve this later one since we need to get the weapon to destroy the box first. You didn´t think that it would be enough to set the box on fire or throw it of a cliff, did you? There is a certain weapon we need to get first. The only problem though is that said weapon isn´t exactly close…it is in Greece.”

Alright, so we…”
“The ancient Greece.”
Dean’s smile vanished as quickly as it had appeared.

“It has been lost throughout the centuries. We need to go back there and, since you lost the box, find it in the other time zone. Beneath the fabric there is a map that leads to the weapon.”

“Why can´t we just get back and destroy this stupid box before Gomorra gets it? Ah and Gomorra is…”
“Yeah, yeah, I know who he is. And we can´t because such a grave interference in the past could change hell knows what in the present.”

Both of the men nodded understandingly then they exchanged worried looks.

So…” Sam was the first one to talk about the elephant in the room. “We need to get to another continent and to another time…what do you think? Cas?”

“We might as well try it.” Dean pulled out his mobile but gave you a quick glance when he dialed. “Oh yeah, you should know, Cas is…”

“Yeah I know: Castiel, Angel of the Lord et cetera et cetera… now come on, we need to get this solved quickly. I don´t have the time for being ripped apart by demons.

Following phone conversation was quite entertaining for everyone but Dean who seemed to desperate more with every word.

Yes, hey Cas, it´s…. what? No. This is Dean. Dean Winchester. …. No! I did not…what, why? Come one Cas, which strange noises? What a melody? I don´t know what you are talking about, but we need… Stop whining! No, you did not break it, maybe it was…NO. Oh god Cas just come over now.”

At some point of the conversation Sam started giggling slightly, implying that he wasn´t completely uninvolved in whatever problem the angels seemed to have.

I am here.”

All of you turned around to the door where the dark haired angel suddenly has appeared. Dean quit the call and put his mobile down, while Cas was staring at his´ in confusion.

Dean, I am highly concerned. It never made such tunes and although they appear to be quite pleasurable…”

Now Sam was openly laughing and Dean death-glared at him, while you finally found out what was going on.

Ehrm, Sam…did you change his ringtone?”

Dean completely lost it, while Cas stared at everyone confused

Oh come on, we have serious problems down here! And that is everything you…”

“Dean, dear.” You laid a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. “Easy there.”

“Sam, Dean…what is this about?” The angels asked, his eyes locked on you obviously irritated by the stranger in the room.

Oh yeah, Cas this is Y/N, she will help us with this Pandora problem, but we will need your help as well.”

After a quick explanation, your hopes on a quick solution were destroyed all at once.

Dean as much as I´d appreciate to help you, I can´t.”

Disappointed looks were exchanged.

I don´t have enough power to get you this far back. In addition, you remember the last time I let you travel through time, you could rarely stay long enough to find this Phoenix. This time you do not even know exactly where you have to look… I am afraid you must search a different solution.”

The Winchesters started to discuss what they might do now, while you made your own thoughts about the problem. With your watch, you could travel through space but not through time…you actually would have known something that was able to do both. But you would have to explain the Winchesters a few things…and hope that everything would work as you hoped.

Y/N?” You rose your head to look at Sam in surprise.

Uh, yes?”

“You do have an idea, don´t you?”


All faces were suddenly filled with hope.

Y/N, whatever it is…I we can stop this all…”

Well I do have an idea, but if…I have to explain some things first.”

“I think since you already owe us a few explanations, one less or more doesn´t count.” Dean finally smirked again. You were quite confused now.

Excuse me?”

“Well you know; this whole Loki-Tom Hiddlestone thing. Also, the first time we met you, you were on a walk with Crowley, which is oddly enough…,plus it is interesting that you know both Gomorra and Cas. ..You aren´t a demon, are you?”

You chuckled slightly. Well you had forgotten about the Loki-thing but explaining this wasn´t the problem…and the thought of you being a demon somehow amused you.

No, no I am not a demon. I am completely human. About the Crowley thing, uhm…I´d rather not discuss this if that´s okay for you. I just can tell you that I am not working for him or something like this, he is more like…a remote aquentaince. He is the reason though I know about Cas and Gomorra, and a few other things concerning you two. And the Loki thing…this will be the same explanation like the one which has to do with my idea.”

All three of them looked at you, obviously intending to ask something but you just continued talking.

You noticed that I can just leave and come however I like? Just as demons and angels do…at least it looks like it to you. Actually, I can neither travel through time, nor from place to place…I just can change between different universes, I guess that´s the closest word to say.

I heard that you had some experiences with this angel…Balthazar was his name? He send you to an alternate universe if I am not wrong. I can do the same thing. And in one of these universes, I have a friend with a time machine.  We just have to go there, ask him for his help…I´m sure, he will say yes though he is an adorable person.  Then we come back to this universe with the time machine, go back to ancient Greece and whoosh…all problems solved. …less or more.”

“And this Loki…”

“Is the Tom Hiddlestone aka Loki from another universe.”

“Wait…” Dean seemed to have found his tongue again.

So…there is another universe. And in this universe…the Avengers are for real? Is it this you are trying to tell us?”

He seemed to be quite irritated… but was there excitement in his eyes?

“I know it sounds weird but you before anyone else should be the one to believe such things. …but yes, yes: in another universe the Avengers are real.”

“How big is the chance that, in one of them, Batman exists as well?”

All right, maybe you should have expected this question.


Chapter 17- Doctor who?

After explaining them a few more details, you decided to leave the small motel instantly: you had no time to lose. Castiel had offered to stay behind in the motel meanwhile to be in reach…just in case something unexpected happened.

So…and how do we get teleported?” Dean eyed the small pocket watch suspiciously.

Well I usually travel alone, but…”  This was true, the only time you changed locations with a second person has been at this highly involuntary occasion with Loki…

I think you just have to touch either the watch or me…laying a hand on my shoulder should be enough.”

You quickly added the last sentence just in case Dean, whose smile has indeed grown bigger, would get any stupid ideas. Just seconds later the three of you started, each Winchester a hand on one of your shoulders, Cas looking concerned after you as you vanished in front of his eyes.


When you opened your eyes, you saw just what you expected: the beautiful city of London and right in front of you the Tardis. When you looked at your side to check for the Winchesters, you saw something rather amusing: They looked completely confused and were death pale. Ah yeah, you remembered your first teleport.

Are you alright?”

Quickly they tried to stand upright and Dean even managed to force a smile.

Yeah, yeah sure. Just let´s get your friend.”

You nodded and looked thoughtfully at the Tardis. With what you knew about the Doctor he could be hell knows where, and…

Hey, do you hear this?” Sam gave you a sign to follow him and when the three of you had left the small alley and reached the main street, you also heard which noise he was talking about. It sounded like a big group of people…well it sounded like a very furious mob of people.

Yeah…this is most likely the right direction.”

You followed the street for a while, the noises continuous getting louder.

So…are you sure that this is the right direction? Usually we try to get away from trouble.”

“No, I am sure that it is him, so….oh yes.  It is him.”

You finally saw the origin of the noise…and you had mixed feelings about this sight.

You assumed right with thinking, that it was a furious mob of people …just that said mob was chasing the Doctor. Plus: they were running in your direction.

Doctor!” You screamed at the closer coming man, which made him raise his head in surprise.

YN/N?!” Even though he was still pretty far away, he recognized you and you could see a smile flash over his face.

Ehrm, Y/N…” Sam seemed to be concerned. “Maybe we shouldn´t stay here like this…”

“Yeah Sam´s right…they don´t look like they´re after him to invite him for tea.”

When the Doctor had reached you, he confirmed this theory.

Run!” was the only thing he screamed, grabbing your hand as he run past you and dragging you along as fast as possible but you could have sworn that he actually smiled. Why did your meetings always result in running? Not that you didn´t enjoy it though.

The Winchesters exchanged worried looks before they decided to follow you as well. Some minutes later, the four of you stood inside the Tardis and tried to catch your breath. Sam and Dean had already been confused when they followed you inside the blue phone box, but now that you and the Doctor started laughing without visible reason, they were completely perplex.

As a welcome, the doctor pulled you in a deep hug, making you smile wide and hum happily. When you took a step back your eyes fell upon something unbelievable adorable.

My god! Ain´t you cute!?”  You added a delightful squeal.

Oh yeah, do you think? I know I am quite…oh.” At first the Doctor seemed highly flattered, then he noticed that it wasn´t he you were talking about and he appeared to be disappointed.

You were staring at something that was inside his jackets pocket; a small, white figure, pretty similar to a marshmallow.

“But Doctor…why is there an Adipose in your pocket?”

“They must accidentally have left him back, I…what are you doing?”

You had taken the small guy out of the pocket and were holding him now, slightly patting his head, which he seemed to enjoy.

Y/N, you cannot keep him.” You looked back at the doctor with pleading eyes but he just gave you a cold look.

But…but look at him! He is so cute, and all alone and helpless?!”

Y/N, you…wait, who are they?”

Finally, he seemed to have noticed the Winchesters, who have been standing next to you for the past few minutes…staring at the two of you and not believing what was happening in front of them.

Ah yeah, nearly forgot this, they…we need your help.”

“Are they…”

“Doctor, I may introduce Sam and Dean Winchester. Sam, Dean, I may introduce the Doctor.”

The Doctor seemed to recognize them.

Sam and…Win…oh no. Really?”

You nodded shortly when Sam laid his hand on your shoulder in confusion.
Y/N…do you mean…the Doctor as in the Doctor? And is this…the Tardis?”

Yes, Sam indeed was a huge Nerd. Once again, you nodded and Sam looked at you in awe, quickly turning around to the Doctor and shaking his hand.

I am…I am honored. This is…I…”

“Honor´s all mine Mr. Winchester.”

“Please…it´s Sam.”

Dean interrupted them, now even more confused.

The Doctor? Doctor who?”

I ehrm…” you quickly decided to interfere. “I will explain this later, okay? For now it is more important, that…ouch!”  You suddenly felt a sharp pain in your thumb and when you looked down, you saw the Adipose looking up at you with an innocent smile.

Did this thing just bite you?” Dean looked at the small guy in shock, while the Doctor shook his head disapprovingly.

He is not a thing!”

“Sorry? I mean have you looked at it?”

“Well, you humans aren´t the prettiest species around either.”

Their exchange of words made you and Sam giggle slightly, while Dean just started to desperate completely.

“But well…” The Tenth remembered the original problem about the Adipose being with them. “Since whatever you need seems to be urgent …Maybe, we should keep him here meanwhile. I can take him home afterwards.

So can I at least give him a name?”  You tried your luck again, this time the Timelord sighed heavily before nodding.

But no keeping.”

“Okay! Hm I think…Adam will do fine!”

“Well he is small, cute and left behind?”

The Doctor shook his head with a faint smile that seemed to say, “well if you are happy now”, while both Sam and Dean turned around at you with shock in their eyes.


This was the moment, you noticed that you had been talking before thinking…again. …damn it. You hadn´t told the Winchesters about “Supernatural” and you had no intention of doing so.

Yeah, you know…” You quickly needed an explanation. “In supermarkets there are codes the staff uses via the loudspeakers; Code Adam stands for a lost child. Also it sounds nice, “Adam the Adipose” has a nice ring to it, eh?”

The Boys didn´t seem quite happy about your answer, but there were more urgent problems to talk about.

So, about your problem…”

The Doctor was interrupted by a loud crash; something was hitting against the door of the Tardis. You exchanged worried looks.

Doctor…I don´t want to press, but… whatever might be the reason that those people are behind you…”

“Yeah, yeah I understand! Quick away from here…where do we have to go anyways? Or rather when?”

“Well that´s the thing…” You pulled out your pocket watch and gave it to him, ignoring the continuous knocks on the door.

Do you think you could connect the Tardis to my watch? We need to go to their universe…we need to travel back a few centuries there.”

“So you do not need me but only my Tardis?” He pouted at you but you gave him a playful hit on the shoulder.

Alright, alright, I am working on it!” The knocks became even louder and you could hear someone screaming but you could recognize neither the voice, nor what it was screaming.

The row outside made you and the hunters really uncomfortable so all of you were more than happy when the Tardis finally seemed to move.

When you arrived at your destination and left the Tardis you quickly entered the motel being more than relieved to see Castiel exactly where you had left him.

Wow, good you even brought us in the correct time!”


“Eh nothing.”

The Doctor seemed offended, while Dean gave Cas a confused glance; the angel was standing exactly where he has been before.

Cas…you know that “wait here” does not mean that you have to wait exactly here… you could have been at least sitting down.”

“I am aware of the meaning of “wait here”, Dean.”

“Alright, but…”

“If I may interrupt you,” the Doctor rubbed his hands enthusiastically.

So with what exactly can I help you?”

Some ten minutes later, you had explained most of the problem. The Doctor listened attentive while you were talking while the Winchesters interrupted you every once in a while to add a detail you had left out.

So to say it short: You bring us back, we get the box, fulfil the trials, destroy the other box and everything is solved.”
“Okay, I…”

“Wait…” Dean hasn´t talked very much within the last hour but now he looked at you distrusting.

You didn´t mention any trials.”

“I… oh. Sorry. Must´ve forgotten about it. I don´t know what this trials are exactly, maybe that´s the reason.”  You smiled excusing, you honestly had forgotten about it.

So, what are we waiting for? We only need…ehrm Y/N?”


“Why did you bring him along?”

You looked down, wondering what he was looking at when you noticed that Adam, the Adipose, had started climbing out of your jacket´s pocket.

I couldn´t leave him in the Tardis! He might get hurt in this mess.” You complained. Indeed this Phone box was like the inside of a very messy computer: cables everywhere, sharp edges open sources of voltage…this box basically was a death trap for children.

The Doctor seemed offended that you had called his Tardis a mess but seemed to get your point.

So we can´t leave him in the Tardis, but we can´t take him with us either, this is far too dangerous.”

This was true but you could…

Who is this?” All the time Castiel has been standing there, listening attentively but silent. Now he had stepped closer and was obeying the little creature that was climbing up the outside of your, well actually it had originally belonged to Watson, Jacket.

Ah Cas!” You made a step towards him but so unexpected and quickly that he froze in his movements and narrowed his eyes.


“You can babysit him!”

Sam looked concerned, Dean started giggling hysterically and the Angel himself was plain confused.

Y/N, why do you want me…?”
“No, no. I don´t want you to actually sit on him. Babysitting means looking after the baby while we are gone. You just have to watch over him, take care that he doesn´t get hurt or sick and maybe feed him when he´s hungry.”

“Wow, this really is a brilliant plan.”  Dean was still giggling but you shot him a glare.

I can do this.” The Angel announced, probably annoyed by Deans lack of trust in his skills.

I trust him and unless you have any better ideas, squirrel.”

Dean was the one of the brothers, who still seemed to distrust you slightly, most likely, because they had met you with Crowley and because you had refused to talk about your relation to him, and that you used said demons nickname for him didn´t help your relationship at all. Somehow, you had the feeling that he still thought you were a demon…hilarious but bothersome nevertheless. You would do something against this later on.

The time to leave has come. You quickly introduced Adam and Cas to each other, the Adipose seemed to enjoy the big pockets of Cas´ Trenchcoat and the company of the angel in general while Cas was fascinated by the small creature, which was so different from everything he has ever seen before. At least he approved of the name you had chosen for your new godchild. After making him promising you at minimum twenty times that he would take good care of him, the Doctor finally managed to pull you away from him, out of the Motel and into the Tardis where the Winchesters were already waiting, after getting some of their weapons out of the Impala.

So, we got everything? Everybody ready? Ancient Greece was it, correct?”

Both of the Winchesters nodded, but upon his last words you remembered a few things.
Yes, but…two things before we leave. First…ancient Greece. But the problem is where exactly in Greece?”

“Ah no problem, I know where Pandora´s box has been buried.”

“I…okay I´m not even gonna ask.” Dean said exactly what you were thinking.

And the second thing?”

“Yeah, not such important but still: I never received an answer at my text message. You said that the two of you got of the woods…but where did you lose Jack afterwards?”
“Oh Jack yeah, oh…OH.”
His face was suddenly filled with horrified realization and you had to suppress your laughter.

Doctor…the knocking against the door of the Tardis earlier…You didn´t just forget Jack in London, did you?”

The man just ducked his head a bit, before he tilted his head slightly.


You mumbled a short “unchangeable” before you shook it off.

Alright, we will pick him up afterwards, we have a time machine after all so he doesn´t actually have to wait.”

“Well then, now since this is sorted out…”

He pushed a few buttons, pulled some levers and you heard the familiar sound of the Tardis taking off.





Chapter 14 – Assemble!

You followed the two gods in the tower, looking thoughtfully at your watch as you did so.

Once you had it back, you instantly put it around your neck, without the intention to take it off again anytime soon. …what a powerful thing this little object was after all. You were really wondering why Crowley gave it to you. Yes, you made a deal with him but this was more than a person usually got out of such a deal, not?

You shook that thought off when you felt a slight buzzing in the back pocket of you trousers, but soon realized that it was only your phone, signalizing two missed calls and three short messages. Obviously, your phone only worked while you had the watch in your possession, explaining why all those messages came in at once. You really should ask the Doctor for an “update” the next time you saw him.

Also, it seemed that the watch had some kind of automatic function that was activated when you used the phone, proven by the fact that you got teleported surprisingly, and highly involuntary, when Stark called you earlier.

Since the brothers in front of you were talking, less or more merely, you had the chance to check the messages. One of the missed calls was from Watson, so was one of the messages.

[(YN/N)? Are you alright? You just vanished into nothing, we are very concerned. Greg even wanted to set up a police search, but Sherlock said you are certainly alright…please answer if you can. -John] // [Message from: “Hamish”]

At least him and Lestrade were concerned…Sherlock meanwhile was an icicle.

[I´m sorry John, I didn´t want to scare you. I am fine, I just stumbled over some…unexpected circumstances. I will return soon, just don´t worry.  –(Y/N)] // [successfully sent to “Hamish”]

The second call and another message were from…the Tardis. There was no number on the screen, just the name without further details.

[We found a way out of the woods as soon as you vanished…hope you are alright.] // [Message from: “Tardis”]

Surprisingly you were able to send an answer although there was no number included…and although the fact that a phone box was able to send and receive texts confused you.

[I´m fine, glad you found a way out. Is Jack alright as well?] // [Successfully sent to “Tardis”]

To be honest you just had added the last sentence to annoy the doctor, although you wouldn´t be able to see him rolling his eyes when he read it.

The last message was, once again, from a foreign number and for a second you had the strong urge to delete it without reading…just for a second though.

[Sorry for the circumstances…but we really do need your help here, this whole Pandora story is more than we could handle at the moment. I know it isn´t exactly your problem…but please hurry on and come back as soon as possible. –Sam] // [Message from: “random American number”]

You saved the number as “Moose”. You became concerned; this sounded more serious than you had thought. You had no time to think about it since you finally had reached the inside of the tower and entered an elevator. Thor announced that the others were on the top level, but his brother left a few levels earlier. According to him, the books in the library were a much more amiable company than the Avengers who would certainly scold him for having a little bit “fun”.

Once you reached your destination, Thor entered the room before you, holding the door open and inviting you in with a bright smile.

Lady (Y/N), I may introduce…the Avengers!

What you saw was less spectacular than expected.

A nice living room that you already knew from the comics, with the Avengers sitting around, all of them seeming to be pretty bored.

On one side of the couch the Black Widow and Hawkeye were sitting, chatting absent minded and barely noticing that you entered. The Captain was sitting on the other side, his eyes directed at the TV, watching some old black-white documentary while Stark was sitting next to him with a handheld console in his hands, drinking something that looked highly alcoholic. Bruce was nowhere to be seen.

 Thor looked at the group, somehow annoyed by being ignored, he coughed a bit and rose his voice.

My friends, Lady (Y/N) has arrived!”

Upon this they finally turned around to face you, a wide smirk appearing on Starks face as he saw you while Steve instantly jumped on his feet and walked over.

Miss (Y/N)! Are you alright? How is your ankle?”  His eyes were full of serious concern and you gave him a warm smile.

Hey Cap, thank you I am fine…it still hurts but I got…”

Ah, Miss Non-Agent has arrived! And unharmed as I see… you already missed me I suppose?” You were interrupted by Tony who has also stood up, throwing his game in some corner and, much to your discomfort, laying an arm around your shoulder.

Before you could answer something on your own, Clint has joined the small circle, impishly smirking at you.

So this is the poor girl you scared away by forcing her to promise you a date, Stark?” He ignored mentioned ones indignant complaints and enthusiastically shook you hand once you managed to politely shake off Tony´s arm.

Clint Barton, always happy to see a new face! (YN/N), right?”  He gave a small nod in the direction of Natasha who was now standing next to him. You hadn´t even noticed her standing up…

That´s Nat, I mean ehrm; Natasha she is, yeah…” He suddenly seemed a little bit worried, maybe he wasn´t sure if he introduced her the correct way but the woman broke a short smile and shook your hand as well.

Nat is just fine. Nice to meet you… but I don´t have time for much chatting right now. A certain Archer said that he would join me in the training room.”

Aw, come on Nat,” said Archer complained with a frown. “Right now? I mean come on, (YN/N) just arrived and it´s impolite and…” The Widow just had to give him one single look and he stopped complaining. Both of them left the room, not without Tony giggling quietly and whispering a coughed “whipped” at Clint´s back.

I think I will join them,” the Captain said before smiling swiftly. “Miss (Y/N).” He nodded at you, before he followed the others. Leaving you all alone with Thor and Tony.

Brother Anthony, Lady (Y/N), I will also leave. I want to take a look at my brother.”

“Wait Thor! You can´t leave me alone with him.” The god didn´t seem to have a problem with doing so, he only patted you on the shoulder and laughed a bit.

Don´t worry, he might be a bit odd, especially around maidens, but he sure is a good man on the inside!”

The “good man” gave you his widest signature smirk but lucky you, before he could say anything, the door behind you opened one more time; revealing a confused looking Doctor Banner in the door frame.

Tony? I just came from the lab, I met Natasha and Clint on the way and, uh…”

He suddenly noticed you and you grinned at him happily. The Man responded with a sheepishly smile.

Ah Science Bro! Good thing that you are here! This is (N/N), the one I told you about!”

God did this guy introduce you to the whole city during your absence?

Bruce Banner.” He came closer and carefully shook your hand before Tony drew the attention at him again.

So my friends!” He rubbed his hands in excitement, looking at you with a mischievous smile. “The night is young, so are we. What will we do now? I have some new bottles of…”

This time he was the one to be interrupted; by an extraordinary loud yawn.

Both men looked at you confused and you couldn´t help but yawn again, quickly hiding your face, and most likely your blush, behind your hands.

Tony…I think she is rather in the mood for sleeping than for partying.”

Bruce was the thoughtful one, while Tony pouted at you offended.

Oh come on, we could have so much fun dear!” Another yawn was your only answer, so he finally shook his head with a faint smile.

Alright I got it, the lady is tired!” You narrowed your eyes when his smile widened again.

Lucky you there is enough space in this tower. You know, my bed is quite big for one person and…”

Tony!”  Bruce sighed heavily before he gently laid a hand on your shoulder and gave you a sign to follow him.

There is a guestroom in the floor beneath this, I´ll show you the way.”

You nodded thankfully, shooting Tony a death glare before you left the room.

See you at breakfast then, honey!” were his last words toward you.

 The room Bruce showed you was big and comfortable; actually it was more a whole guest apartment than a guest room. As soon as Bruce had wished you a good night and left you inspected the place curiously.

It was quite big, there were a small kitchen a big couch and most important: a bed that was more comfortable than any other one you had ever been lying in.

But this was probably also a result from your tiredness.

Once you laid down on the soft mattress and closed your eyes you fell asleep, finally forgetting about all the world’s problems for a few hours.

Chapter 15 – Night Time

You woke up from a strange feeling.

You had slept a dreamless and deep sleep when all of the sudden you were wide awake. Not having any idea why you woke up, you kept your eyes closed but you had a strange feeling, as if there was something...or rather somebody in the room with you.

Knowing that this was highly impossible, you were inside the Avengers Tower and Jarvis sure wouldn´t let any intruders inside the building, let alone in your room, you turned to the other side and tried to continue sleeping. As it was impossible for you to do so you finally decided to open your eyes and sit up.

You nearly fell back when you saw that your feeling had been accurate. There was someone standing in front of your bed. Suppressing a scream you tried to get up when you recognized the figure and your mouth opened in awe.

The hell, Crowley? What are you doing here? Do you know what time it is?

You voice was low and husky from your sleep and you didn´t even want to know how you looked right now, all startled and confused.

 “Oh Darling, I do know very well how late it is. But I couldn´t miss to notice how adorable you looked in your slumber. Such a peaceful and calm expression on your beautiful face. You looked almost innocent.”

You groaned quietly before you gave an answer, well actually you growled.

Hell, Crowley get out, I wanna sleep.

Far too tired for politeness, or for a conversation in general, you let yourself fall on the mattress again, lifting up your pillow and trying to hide your head underneath it. You heard a few steps and suddenly the pillow was taken away from you. Whining in frustration you shot the demon a death glare but he didn´t seem impressed at all.

Aright. What do you want?”

“Well dear, thank you for asking. I happened to overhear your conversation with the Winchesters today.”

Oh…no. Why again did you keep this stupid coin?

Suddenly so quiet dear?”  He put up this charming smile again, but a cold feeling settled down in your stomach. This man was up for no good.

“Crowley…I am tired. If you have to say something; say it.”

I want to help you.”

This was the last thing you expected to hear out of his mouth.

Excuse me?” Your blanket tightly wrapped around you, you sat up again looking him straight in the eye, searching for a sign that he was making fun of you. He appeared to be honest…well as honest as possible for a demon.

“You know that helping me would also mean helping the Winchesters.”

“Yes…” He tilted his head and flinched slightly; the though seemed to make him quite uncomfortable. “But this is a price I am willing to pay. These degenerated morons managed to free everything that was inside this box, and hell knows this is the last thing I wanted.”

You rose a questioning eyebrow at him.

So of course your intentions with said box were of all pure and beneficial nature.

Maybe not quite that…but I wouldn´t have opened this cursed thing without some sort of guarding. I have to admit that the things locked away in there are pretty bothersome.”

“I see. And how, if I may ask, do you intend to help me?”

“By giving you some information.”

“Then go on.

Do you mind?”  With a small sigh you made a bit place so he could sit down on the edge of the bed, which he did with a faint smirk.

What you need is a way to destroy the box. Destroy the box and everything that was inside it will vanish as well. Unluckily there is only one way to do so…and said way was only available some thousand years ago in the ancient Greece.

You only need to go back then, fulfil some trials and….”


Three to be exactly. The first one includes finding the original box and remove the fabric, there should be a map on the blank surface of the box, leading to the place where the weapon to destroy the box can be found. Then you take said weapon, return here and destroy the box.”

“Sounds fair enough. But I have a few questions left.”

The demon gave you a sign to talk on.

What do the two other trials include? Why can´t I take the opened box to the weapon instead? And why don´t you get the weapon on your own?”

“To answer the last question first; I am a busy man, dear. The Hell doesn´t run itself. Also I completely trust your skills beloved.”

You rolled your eyes but didn´t interrupt him.

About the trials…I do not exactly know about their nature, but they will be revealed once you succeeded with the first one. And you cannot take the box of our time zone, because…unfortunately it is neither in my nor in the Winchesters possession anymore.”

Excuse me!?”
“Yes… I have to admit that those bothersome little brats stole the box from me. And…”
“…don´t say Gomorra.”

He gave you an excusing smile before continuing.

Gomorra stole it from them, assuming that they were the ones to originally take it away from him.

“So, to describe it shortly; now both Gomorra and whatever was in this box are chasing the Winchesters? And you want me to take said Winchesters, go back in time, fulfil whatever murderous trials there are, get some ancient weapon, steal the box from Gomorra one more time and destroy it.”

“Exactly, dear. Well you could as well leave the hardy boys behind and get the Weapon on your own, which I´d highly prefer to be honest, but this isn´t an option I assume?”

You quickly shook your head, a mischievous smile on your lips.

Aw, are you jealous?”

“About the Winchesters? Hardly. Anyways I told you what happens to the people who come to close to them, I am just concerned.”

“How heart-warming. I really appreciate that.”

“Well, I…” he suddenly stopped talking and turned around with narrowed eyes, standing up from the bed as he did so.

“I didn´t know that you expected another visitor, dear.”

You looked at him in utter confusion, but slightly scared: what exactly was he talking about?

Crowley what…”

“My apologises, I didn´t want to interrupt anything.”

When you recognized the voice, which seemed to come out of nowhere, a loud sigh escaped you. A voice in your mind screamed, “Ignore them, just turn around and sleep”.

You sighed again when Loki made himself visible; he was standing right were Crowley has been earlier and eyed the demon distrusting.

“As an excuse you could explain us the reason of your interruption.”

Crowley eyed the Norse with the same false smile and distrusting glance.

I just wanted to stop by and chat a little bit. I thought she might welcome some nice company.”

“Oh what a noble thought, but as you see she already has some company, so yours is not required.”

You only listened at the conversation with one ear, being completely tired and eager to continue your needed sleep as soon as possible.

Yes, I see and such an amiable one.”

“Well at least I do not sneak into a lady’s room in the middle of the night, all secretly and invisible.”

“So I suppose you knocked just as the polite gentleman you are?”

“I indeed…”

Okay, now it was enough.


Both of them instantly turned around to you.

“I want to sleep.”

Since neither of them seemed to have the intent of answering or moving you rose your voice.


“Oh darling, I did not know that you had such a fiery side.”
Loki nodded in agree.

“Yes, doesn´t she? I already said earlier that aa woman with temperament…”


With the blink of an eye both of them had disappeared and you rose from the bed with a short sigh, walking to your pillow that was laying on the floor. Whatever trials were awaiting you, they could wait until tomorrow.

Once you had crawled in your bed again you finally were able to sleep until you were woken by the bright daylight shining through your window.



Chapter 12 – You fight the Fairies!


WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY, “ WE ALREADY HAVE SEEN THIS TREE”??? Oh my god we´re never gonna find out of this cursed forest, damn faries…”

With a desperate sigh you sat down on a random fallen tree, covering your hand in your face and wondering how this all could happen. Why you?


Behind you the Doctor sat down as well, laying a hand on your shoulder and trying to calm you down a bit.

YN/N… we´re gonna find the way out…somehow. We just need to ahr…ehrm…

Great. When even the Tenth was out of ideas, your chances were at their minimum.


Since nearly two hours you were running through the forest, just to reach the same spot over and over again. Those fairy-things were playing their game with you and at the moment it didn´t seem like you had any chance to escape. You thought that now that you knew that Loki was the source of all this you could end it; wrong thought. As long as you couldn´t find him…and even if you would you hadn´t had the time to think about what you would do with him. Threaten him? Trick him? Yeah great ideas…


If we just could find the Tardis…” you murmured. “…or my watch so I can take Loki back to his dimension. The Avengers could take care of him better than us and if he´s gone those fairies would also go back to normal.


And we could get out of this awful forest.” Jack agreed and turned around, looking at the leaves above your head with a sinister glance. He had tried to climb up one of them earlier to check the area, but, without visible reason, he fell out of the tree and hit the dirty ground. …well of course you knew what the actual reason has been, the god of mischief just loved to play his games.


He said a few more things but you barely heard him. Jack and the Doctor could run through this forest literally forever, but you were a mere human being with mere needs like food and especially water, some days in this horrible place and you would be…

But what were your options? …the only thing left… Maybe the thing with the Threatening wasn´t the worst idea.


You stood up and walked a few steps in some random direction, you might as well try it.

YN/N what are you…?” The Doctor gave Jack a sign to remain silent, most likely he knew what you were about to try.


Okay, alright.” You exclaimed with a loud and, hopefully, steady voice.

Loki, you had your fun. Let´s end this before anyone gets seriously injured…or well more injured than right now. I don´t know why the Avengers gave you a second chance, which they obviously did according to the fact that you weren´t in chains when you helped them in the battle, but I´m sure they wouldn´t be quite happy to see this. Maybe I´m not quite in the position to threaten you, but this world also has it´s heroes but without a loving brother who speaks up for you and sooner or later you would end up in chains again…if you´re lucky.”


Okay maybe the thing with the “Heroes” was a little bit complex, according to the fact that exactly these were standing right next to you, captured in the forest, but you doubted that Loki ever had watched Doctor Who, so how could he know better?


If you stop this game right now, we just take the watch and return to Midgard; everything is alright and we pretend that nothing ever happened.


Then you stood there and waited. Waited some five minutes or longer for an answer, until the Doctor stood up as well and came up to you.

“At least you tried.



Suddenly a strong wind came up. The three of you looked around in confusion, searching for the source of this sudden occurrence but without success.

The fallen leaves of the ground were taken up by the wind, floating around and filling the air.

You noticed swift movements from the corner of your eyes and when you turned there, you saw some of the trees getting blurry and transparent until they finally vanished completely.


You sent an insecure look to the others, which Jack answered with a short shoulder shrug and a small smirk. “We might as well try it.


Walking down the new path between the trees, you were rarely surprised by what expected you at the small glade at the path´s end.

Loki himself, sitting on a high stub and eying you with a broad smirk. The noise of fluttering wings was to be heard from behind the trees around you; probably the `fairies´.


Lady Y/N. My pleasure to meet you, love.


Loki. I´d give that back but…I´ve just been running through this forest for two hours. I´m tired, thirsty and annoyed. And since you are the one I blame therefore, you might understand when I don´t greet you with deepest ardour my friend.



The man chuckled softly before he stood up and slowly made a few steps at you, never taking his eyes of you.

Jack, who had followed you together with the Doctor, stepped forward intending to move in front of you, but you gave him a sign to stay back; this was your problem.


So Loki you had your fun.” You swallowed your fear for a moment, telling yourself that he wouldn´t hurt you…hopefully. But if he would have wanted to kill you, he could have done this earlier, why should he wait? …you wished you would have had a better argument to calm yourself down.


Now please be so kind to give me my watch back and we leave.”


Of course, dear. Whatever it takes in order not to forfeit my precious second chance.” The last sentence he added with an even wider smirk than before, causing you to sight silently.


So, the god of mischief plays for the good side now?” You asked in a playful manner. If he wanted games…well he could have them.


I promised my brother and his…friends to keep my hands away from any unrighteous activities. Nothing is further away from my intentions than drawing their grudge at me.”


“The term `Unrighteous activities´ includes stealing foreign watches, Loki.”


The man set on an offended face.

I wasn´t stealing it. I found it on the ground when I was looking out for the Man of Iron.”


“So you found the watch, but not Stark who was captured in the building next to it?”


“Nobody is perfect, dear. I´m trying to be a righteous man, not a saint. Anyways, here is what you wanted.”

In one elegant movement, he pulled out the small watch of his pocket, holding his hand out for you to take it.


Your eyes narrowed in distrust you stepped closer, carefully raising your hand and closing it around the silver object. Suddenly Loki´s other hand closed around yours, pressing the button on the watch which was meant to adjust its hands.



 “Righteous, but with a strong sense of entertainment, beloved.”



You heard the Doctor screaming your name in the distance, saw how Jack tried to grab your wrist before it was too late, but everything in your sight faded to white and soon the men were gone, leaving you and Loki going…wherever you were about to go.

Chapter 13 - The Righteous Man

You looked around in utter confusion. It was pitch dark, freezing cold and dead silent. After a while, your eyes adjusted to the darkness and you were able to see your surroundings...a sight that caused you to shiver and step back in fear. It was a graveyard. Well, actually the parking area in front of one, but whatever.
You remembered instantly how you came here when you crashed in a body on your way backwards. Furiously you turned around and glared at Loki, who eyed you with a genuine smile.

"What was this good for, Loki?" He remained unimpressed of your threatening growl, if anything he just smiled a little bit wider.

"Oh dear, you should have seen the look on your beautiful face."

"Loki you...ugh. Whatever." You just sighed in resignation, before you finally took your watch out of his hands; it showed '8'.
Oh no, that wasn't good.

"Come here, you had your fun. We return to New York...and no tricks this time." Still smiling, the Norse God raised his hands as in a gesture of surrender.

"I wouldn't dare to do so, dear. You have to admit though..." he was interrupted by a loud, growling outcry.
When you gave him an annoyed look he made a disapproving noise.

"Why do you always suspect me in first place?"
You were too tired and exhausted to answer his question, but if it wasn't him, what else?
Another scream broke through the silence of the night and answered your question.

You instantly recognized the voice.

"You wait here!" You were pretty sure that Loki wouldn't listen to the command of a mere mortal, but you had different problems right now.

You run, as fast as possible with you injury, in the direction the scream came from and immediately had a view over the situation.

It were Sam and Dean Winchester themselves, who else.
Sam was currently laying in the grass, his face downwards, and obviously having problems with standing up, while Dean was pinned to a tree. In front of him, there was a tall figure, partially transparent but still visible ...most likely a ghost. Their Shotguns were laying out of their reach, behind some old gravestones.
A couple of meters away you could see an open grave, salt and gas have been poured into it, only the fire was missing.
Luckily, you saw the lighter, laying in the grass beside it.
Only seconds later, before anyone had the chance to notice you, you had dropped it into the grave, setting the remains on fire and forcing the ghost to disappear with a vain-full scream. Moans and curses were to be heard when the Winchesters came to their feet and instantly checked whom it was who had saved them.
Their surprise when they saw you was barely to describe in words. 

"Wait, aren't you..."

"Y/N, right? That's how Crowley called you."
At least Sam remembered your name. You nodded exhausted; now that the adrenaline vanished, you were suddenly awfully tired. Now that you thought about it… you could barely remember when you have had some sleep for the last time.

"Yeah, that's me, also: you're welcome and if you excuse me now, I have to find someone. Goodbye." 
You were about to leave when Dean held you back on your wrist.

"Wait! It was also you, who sent me the text message about the box, right?"
This time you hesitated a moment before you nodded, what was this about.

"So you know how we destroy what was inside?"
"What was inside!? Do you mean you opened it?" You couldn't believe your ears. The older Winchester nodded solemnly, guilt written all over his face.

"How in heaven and hell did you get the great idea to open it, you morons? Have you missed the news, it's the box of Pandora, this thing is meant to unleash hell on earth! How does someone get the mind burned idea to open it! I sent you that message to prevent Crowley from doing something stupid, but with all his evil guts, he's still more reasonable than you two!"'

Your reaction was furious and you felt anger boiling up.
You didn't like being such harsh with them, you liked them after all, but you really questioned how those idiots survived (to use that term very vaguely) so far.
Somehow, they seemed to like you as well, at least according to Dean’s reaction.
You would have expected him to hiss back and swear, but instead he let carefully go of your hand, his face full of regret and guilt.

"It was an accident..." he mumbled like a ten year old who just broke his sibling´s favourite toy.
"Can you help us?" Your anger left as quickly as it appeared and you run a hand through your hair, trying to completely calm down. It wasn't like you already hadn't enough problems...but you had the watch. And how a wise man once said: Great power bears great responsibility. Also you really liked the Winchesters...

"Okay. I'm not quite sure if I can help you...but I might as well try. But before I do anything else, I need some sleep, I haven't had any in two days."
You suddenly remembered why you came here...damn.

"And the first thing, I nearly forgot about, I need to find someone. He's waiting for me in the parking area...I hope."

Since the Impala stood there as well, the Winchesters accompanied you. Your surprise was strong, when Loki really was standing where you had left him earlier.

"You waited?" you asked with a stunned expression.

"You told me to do so, beloved." His gentle smile made you suspicious but you had no time for his games.

"Is that Tom Hiddle...?

"No, it isn't." you interrupted Sam quickly.

"It is Loki. The actual Loki, not Gabriel. I will explain it later. I return as soon as possible...and don't worry, I'll find you. Bye!" Before any more questions could be asked, you grabbed Loki’s wrist and activated the watch.
You hoped that you could bring him home and get some sleep before anything else happened.

Never in your whole life, had you felt more relieved than the very moment you opened your eyes and noticed the Avenger Tower in front of you.
The only thing confusing you, was the gentle pressure around your hip that soon turned out to be an arm, his owner looked down at you with a sweet smile.


"My apologies, Lady Y/N. I just feared to get lost if I weren't close enough. ...also I have to admit that I quite enjoy the feeling of your small body pressed against mine."

"Loki, if that's meant to be a flirtation..."

"Oh it sure is, dear." he interrupted you and suddenly his second arm was slung around your hip as well, making it hard for you to keep distance. also didn't remember when you had let go of his wrist.
Anyways, what was going on with all this guys suddenly wanting in your pants? At least you could explain Loki’s behaviour; he has always been a player. Most parts of Norse mythology included his many children...not to mention that they are said to unleash and complete Ragnarök all alone.

You glared at the tall man, if he thought you were easy to get, he was wrong. He didn't mind your threatening glance, only a deep chuckle escaped him, a noise that went through his whole body, making you shiver as you felt it.

"Dear, you are such feisty. I love it. Temperament makes a woman..."

A voice with the volume of rolling thunder drowned out whatever Loki was about to say.
With a disappointed sigh, Loki took his hands away and stepped back, just in time when Thor arrived.

"You are unharmed!"
The god pulled his brother in a tight hug, much to his disapproval, then he turned around to you, taking your breath away for a moment as he threw his arms around you and even lifted you up in the air a little bit.

"Thank you, Lady Y/N, I hope my brother dearest, didn't made too many circumstances!"
Slowly you shook your head.

"It's fine Thor. Nothing bad happened...but what about you? When I left you, Hydra was setting the city on fire! Where are the Captain and Stark, are they alright?”


Why don´t you ask them yourself?” He beamed with a bright smile.

They sure would love to see you now that you´re back, as well as the others!”

“The…others?” You asked, slightly confused.


“Yes, brother Anthony has told them about you once we came back, they would sure love to meet you, Lady Y/N!”

Sold / Ch.XII + Ch. XIII (Superwholock Fanfiction)
I might or might not have forgotten to upload these to deviantArt aalthough I finished them a month ago and put the on AO3

+The Avengers ;w;

Y/N ..First Name  //  L/N ..Last Name (Surname)  // YN/N ..Nickname


Prologue + Ch. 1 :  Sold / Pologue + Ch. I (Superwholock Fanfiction)

Chapters 2+3:   Sold / Ch. II + Ch. III (Superwholock Fanfiction) 

Chapters 4+5: Sold / Ch. IV + Ch. V (Superwholock Fanfiction)

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Chapters 12+13

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Amelie Renard by Micia96
Amelie Renard
Basic Information

:bulletblue:Name: Amelié Renard [B.Adamanta Gracchus]
:bulletblue:Nickname(s): Amy
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue:d.o.B: January 21st
:bulletblue:Bloodtype: 0-
:bulletblue:Age: 21
:bulletblue:Height: 1.69m
:bulletblue:s.h.: Right-Handed
:bulletblue:Location: Versailles | France |  1650
:bulletblue:Origin: Pompeii | 58 AD          
:bulletblue:Race: Human


:bulletpurple:Orientation: -
:bulletpurple:Status: -
:bulletpurple:Love: -
:bulletpurple::Family: Deceased
:bulletpurple::Friends: The Doctor, Jack Harkness,
:bulletpurple::Affiliation: Musketeer > Companion > Torchwood > Companion

Extended Information:

:bulletorange:Personality: A very calm and strong woman, pretty independant. She is a skilled fighter but although she knows her strength she is not bragging about it. She believes in the old roman gods and although she has adapted to the time she lives in very well she sometimes has some problems with it, especially with the monoetheism. She has some problems with social contacts and is actually introvert. She has a strong sense of honour and loyalty.

:bulletorange:History: Born in Pompeii the year 58 AD as daughter of a merchant, she had a normal life and was supposed to marry some rich people´s son. Her elder brother teached her how to fight with a sword which she loved more than anything else but since she was a girl it was very unlikely for her to become a soldier or similiar; she was supposed to become a housewife. (she really should have been born in Sparta) One day though she found a strange bracelett on the market and bought it, curious as she was (it later on was explained to her that what she found was the time-traveler watch of a time agent) She somehow managed to repair the only slightly damaged watch (only some pieces had to be put back in) and accidentally zapped herself away, unable to find out how to come back home she had to stay there: In France,  somewhen around 1650  To be exactly; versailles. Disguising herself as man to have it easier she adapted to the time (after suffering from various panic attacks) Knowing nothing to earn some money (she wasn´t pretty good in those typical things like cooking and sewing) she then decided to use what she knew best: fighting.
After some time she really managed to become a musketeer and eventually worked in Versailles Castle, asigned to protect the prince himself. (Long Story short: She had it even harder because she had chosen to disguise herself as guy, but when she works so close with the prince she develops feelings for him /it is a cute prince so what/ and he for her. He finds out that she is a woman on accident but doesn´t mind because he has laid is eyes in her as well (a bit Mulan/Ping like; he was happy to find out that she was actually a woman))
One day a blue box shows up in the castle and after a few incidents which I´ll write down another day he manages to blow her cover up. The king, not being happy to see a "traitor" (a woman in disguise omg) within his musketeers wants to get her beheaded so she escapes with the doctor.
When she tells him what happened earlier and how she became Musketeer, he promises to take her home but breaks his word as she tells him that said hime is Pompeii. He refuses to take her there without saying a reason but says he would taker her with him if she wants. After traveling with him for a while she finds out what happened to Pompeii by coincidence.

//Rest of the Story is in work, but vaguely; she will get lost and decides to wait in Cardiff (just as Jack did) where she finds Torchwood and stays with them before coming back to the Doctor.


:bulletyellow:     rapier

Additional Information:


- Fruits
- Fighting
- Anything connected to her old home. (she loves visiting museums)


- Volcanoes
- Monoetheism
- loud places


- The old Gods wrath
- Fire

:bulletpink: Other:

Amy has....

....a big scar on her lower back, a result from her earlier life in France
....a Tardis Tattoo. Jack has the same one. Basically they were pretty drunk.

Amy is....

....very loyal towards her friends.
....deeply believing in the roman gods as she was born in a time where this was normal. She regularly prays to them but has adapted enough to modern times as to not sacrifice any animals to them.

:bulletpink: RP:

+) I´m always open for Rp´s I just love it to RP ?
+) We may RP via Note, Skype, or Comments but I prefer notes <3
+) I RP in following languages:
German: My main language I prefer it of course ^^
English: I really like nglish but my english is not perfect xD
French: Really NOT perfect xD But I may try it c: At least It´d make me improving my french-skills I guess xDD
+)Warning: School keeps me buzy, so sometimes it may take me a bit longer to answer... but I ANSWER ;D

Any Questions? Feel free to ask <3

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Hey Guys! :D
I just wanted to tell you that it´s now officially; Me and a couple of friends will visit the amazing United Kingdom! :D

Includse visiting the Warner Bros/Harry Potter Studios and two days in London >w< <3

So that´s where I need your help! I already have a list with things we will visit

  • 221b Baker Street (I hadn´t had the chance to look there the last time I visited because we only were allowed to leave the group in pairs and the "friend" who promised to go there with me was an asshole)

  • Piccadilly Circus

  • Buckingham Palace + Big Ben + London Eye 

  • London Bridge

  • Tower Bridge 

  • Tower of London (I reall really wanna see the jewels and the ravens and the white tower ;w; Its *** expensive, but so worth it >w<)

  • Saint Marys Church

  • Harrods
  • Kensington Palace (Not sure about this it worth it?)

And I wanted to ask my fellow friends from the UK, and those who already visited or have any other ideas, if there are any places you would recommend to visit?

I would really really aprecciate it, since when I visited the last time I missed out so many things and I want to get everything out of this journey! Thank you very much! xx Suggestions?


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