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Fandom: Sherlock
Character: Implied Sherlock x Reader
Words: 1.105
Warnings: None

(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname


Serious Adults

"But it's going to be funny!" You whined, clinging on Watson's arm and looking up at him with a pleading glance. The men gave an exhausted sigh before he started another resultless attempt to shake you off his arm.

You were friends yes and to him you were like a little sister...a sometimes unbelievable childish little sister! Often enough John just gave in to do you a favor, but this one...

"(Y/N)...this is ridiculous! We are adults. ADULTS. You remember this term, do you? And as a full grown man I will not..." You couldn't hold back a slight giggle as reaction to John reffering to himself as 'full-grown'. "I WILL NOT RANDOMLY KNOCK ON PEOPLES DOORS IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT AND BEG FOR SWEETS! THAT´S MY LAST WORD (Y/N)!"

Yes, this was the main subject of the argument. It was october 28th, only a few days to go until the best day of the year and you had decided to go on a 'trick or treat' with all of your friends...whether they liked it or not. It should be mentioned that they usually did not.

John was used to your ideas and ways to get him to join them, so he expected further resistance but surprisingly there was had something worse in petto.

Instantly letting go of John's arm, you gave him the deepest look of betrayal, a bitter expression sneaking in your features. "Alright. I understand." Your voice was steady and calm but had a harsh bitterness swinging in it.

If you do not wish to spend time with me. Of's your choice." You turned around and headed towards the door, leaving a torn Watson.

"No (Y/N)! I know what you are trying!" You didn't even stop your movements but left the kitchen and went up to your room, still hearing John's complaints behind you.

"I'm not gonna agree with this! Not even if you..." the growing bad conscience in his voice was barely not noticeable.


You knew that you won when, a few minutes later, a hesitatingly knock was to be heard from your door.


You gave no reply.

"Come on. This is no reason to be mad with me! I don't want avoid spending time with you, I ... we could do something else together at halloweens eve, you know maybe vir... I won't..." The struggle he just had with himself was clearly to hear and you needed all your concentration to stiffle a laugh.

"Okay, (N/N), damn it you won!" Sweet Victory.

"I'll accompany you, but I will not dress up!"


The evening of Halloween came.


So far you had won a fight but the war was still going on!

You were currently in Watson´s room, trying to convince him, that the Smee-costume he wore did not look childish or terrible, when you heard a door somewhere beneath you being opened and closed again. Your final target had arrived.

Telling Watson that you'd meet downstairs in some twenty minutes, you grabbed the costume you had prepared for Sherlock and hurried in the kitchen.

You had decided earlier that you would try to convince Sherlock to join the trick-or-treat just minutes before you left for your tour, so he wouldn´t have a chance of escaping. The second thing you were aware of…convincing Sherlock would be much harder than convincing John.

Sherlock hadn´t such a thing as a conscience when it came to other people…so you had made up a slight different plan.

Sherlooooock!” You exclaimed with a happy voice when you entered the kitchen, causing the detective to turn around instantly and narrow his eyes in distrust. Of course he knew what you were planning since the right moment he saw you.


Oh come on Sher, it´s...

(Y/N). I´m a mastermind. I will not dress up like a child and walk around bothering people…I have better things to do anyways.

No, you do not. I life in the same house Sherlock, do you really think I wouldn´t notice it if you had a case? AND before you say something else: Lestrade has me on speed-dial, he would have told me if there was something going on in London.”

“As if Lestrade would now anything” Sherlock muttered quietly but didn´t say anything further since he indeed hadn´t had a case.

Also…” Sherlock would come with you, this was your final goal, and you would try anything.

I have a costume for you. And I´m sure you will love it so much, there is no way you can resist joining us!” The man tilted his head a bit and started eying the bunch of clothes under your arm with an almost curious glance.

His blank expression changed to annoyance when you revealed the clothes: A complete Captain Hook costume.

You always wanted to be a pirate!” For some seconds you just stared at each other. You with a pleading look, Sherlock with a proper “Are-you-kidding-me-?” face.


Your first attempt failed…fortunately you had another ace in your hand.


Sher if you don´t join us…I will ask Jim to come along. He doesn´t have plans anyways.

It was a matter of five seconds until Sherlock had grabbed the costume and walked out of the kitchen without another word. The war was won.


15 minutes later you also had changed your clothes and left the apartment, quickly descending the stairs to meet Sherlock and John in front of 221 Bakerstreet.

The sight of the two men drew a wide smirk of you: A very unamused Doctor in a Smee costume and an even less amused Detective in a matching Captain Hook outfit.

At least the latter´s mood seemed to rise when his gaze met you. His eyes widened a bit and you could have sworn to see a swift smile on his lips.

Tinkerbell? Really? John didn´t approve your costume that much, but you overheard his incredulous comment, giving each of the men a small paper-bag with a painted pumpkin on it.

So, are you ready for some fun?” You didn´t expect a single positive reaction so you were fairly surprised when Sherlock grabbed your hand and pulled you along a few steps, with a lovely smile on his face.

Ready. But if we do this, we will do this correct! I want these bags to be filled by the end of the night! I´m Sherlock Holmes, I will not get fewer sweets than some ordinary children!

John watched the two of you with a doubting glance, shaking his head slowly before he finally followed you.

What have I done…dear god. I live with a sociopath and a child.

Serious Adults (SherlockxReader) +CE+
Contest entry :la:
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omc my first Sherlock One Shot xD I´m srsly addictet to this show again

About: An Avengers-chatroom ;3 (Reader-Insert) =)

Name:  Distraction

Fandom: Avengers

Words: 1.266

Warnings: Swearing


(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) …Nick Name

More Avenger One-Shots


You sighed a little bit and shifted uncomfortably in your chair before you stared back at the computer monitor on your desk. It was already 3am at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and you were exhausted like rarely ever before. Well…okay actually this wasn´t rare at all. Drudging his agents to death was obviously Fury´s favorite hobby. Next to yell at them regularly to `increase their motivation´.

You just finished another page of your, as you had to admit already overdue, report when your computer decided to sabotage you. Suddenly random windows popped up everywhere on your desktop; different programs, websites and files. You raised an eyebrow and slowly removed your hands from the keyboard to check whether you caused the reaction by pressing some random key. But the windows just kept on popping up. Your desktop was already overfilled and you feared your computer might crash, but when you tried closing the upcoming windows, nothing happened. Mumbling a few swearwords, you started an attempt to activate some repairing-software but the moment it opened, your computer gave an alert-signal and a big window appeared in front of all the others. “Unauthorized Access.” “What in heaven and hell…” The next moment all windows disappeared and a video-file started loading.

You narrowed your eyes in distrust: Who had the great idea to hack the S.H.I.E.L.D. servers…and at 3am in the morning? …Well you actually had a slight suspicion. Mentioned suspicion got confirmed when the video finished loading and started playing and… You blushed furiously and immediately tried to shut down the monitor: without success. You would have unplugged the whole computer but you didn´t save your work, so… When the video on your screen was getting even more `intense´ you just turned around, glad that you at least managed to switch off the loudspeakers, and pulled out your mobile furiously.

*(Y/N) [Admin] opened the Chatroom*

*(Y/N) invited (Tony) to the Chat*

*(Tony) joined the Chat*

(Tony): Hello, beauty. U still awake, dear? ;)


(Tony): Woho, easy girl~ Why do you always suspect me in first place? I´d never do such a thing!

(Y/N): Yeah of course not, wait a minute, I´ll call the other computer-genius that continues being a pain  in my ass…oh wait; THERE IS NONE. NOW STOP IT. IF FURY ENTERS MY OFFICE AND SEES THAT  I´M WATCHING PORN INSTEAD OF WRITING MY REPORT I CAN GO AND LOOK FOR A NEW JOB!!!

(Tony): It´s not my fault if you watch porn instead of working (N/N). Maybe you should focus on your    work, honey?

(Y/N): Stark, it´s 3am. I´m tired, angry and I need to finish this goddamn report so STOP IT!

(Tony): Well, how could I ever refuse to help a lady in difficulty? I think the word I was looking for is: No. ;)

(Y/N): At least you admit it, Stark. -.- Now make IT STOP.

(Tony): Convince me. ;x

*(Y/N) [Admin] invited (Natasha) to the Chat*

*(Natasha) joined the Chat*

(Y/N): Morning, Nat! <3 Sorry for the disturbance at such a time, but could you please `convince´ Stark to stop hacking my computer? Thank you!

(Natasha): What has he done this time?

(Tony): I just tried to give her a break from working! She´s writing on this report since hours!


(Natasha): You are a pain in the ass, Stark. Now stop bother (N/N). Or I´ll make you stop.

(Tony): She needs a break; I just decided to give her some distraction. ;)

*(Tony) changed their name to (Scrapman)*

(Scrapman): Hey! That´s impolite! I guess you need more distraction?

(Y/N): Stark, I don´t know what you intend to do, but…

*(Y/N) [Admin] appointed (Scrapman) to Admin-State*


*(Scrapman) [Admin] changed their name to (Tony)*

*(Tony) [Admin] invited (Bruce) to the Chat*

*(Tony) [Admin] invited (Clint) to the Chat*

*(Tony) [Admin] invited (Thor) to the Chat*

*(Bruce) joined the Chat*

*(Tony) [Admin] invited (Steve) to the Chat*

*(Clint) joined the Chat*

(Clint): Good morning, altogether! ;D


(Tony): The more, the merrier ;)

(Bruce): Tony, what have you done to her this time? -.-

(Y/N): He hacked my computer while I was writing an important report and now it´s playing pg. 18+ videos and I can neither close them, nor shut down the computer, nor anything else! Oh and then he hacked my mobile to make himself an admin. >.<

(Clint): Irremovable porn? Haha, nice one, Stark! :D


(Clint): It is. Sorry, (N/N). ^^”

*(Thor) joined the Chat*


(Y/N): Since when does Thor have a mobile? O.o


(Tony): Yeah, yeah stop using capitals point break.

(Thor): My apologies, Brother Anthony.

*(Steve) joined the Chat*

(Steve): Good morning. What happened, Stark? It must be something important when you message me in the dead of the night!

(Y/N): Morning Cap <3 No, sorry it´s not. L Tony just decided to destroy my already terrible day with keeping me away from my work.

(Tony): Why does Capsicle get a heart? I didn´t even get a hello! :’(


(Tony): Oh, that with the sleep can be arranged, Darling ;)

(Bruce): To say it short, Tony: You just called us all in the middle of the night because you want to sabotage (Y/N)? Great idea.

(Tony): Hey, science bud! I´m just trying to give her some entertaining distraction!

(Steve): It appears to me, that she´s not really happy about said distraction.

(Clint): Oh, the problem is that you don´t know, what exactly this interruption is, Steve! ;D

(Tony): Thanks Legolas! At least someone is appreciating my effort!

(Clint): Stop calling me that, Scrapman! -.-

(Tony): Who did you tell that name!?!

(Natasha): Ah, I suppose you preferred, Tinman?

(Thor): I´m confused, why does Brother Clint call the man of iron `scrap´? That´s not very friendly?

(Clint): Ah, never mind Thor. He likes that ;)

(Tony): Go away and shoot some arrows at a tree, Robin! -.-

(Steve): (Y/N), is everything alright? You are alarming calm?

(Bruce): (Y/N)???


(Clint): (N/N)? ;A;

(Natasha): I guess she logged out and went off to hunt down Stark…

(Tony): OH SHIT.

(Bruce): WHAT DID YOU DO!?

(Tony): …maybe I accidentally hit the wrong key… and deleted her report.

(Steve): It was nice to make your acquaintance Stark.

(Thor): Faire well Brother Anthony. It was an honor to fight by your side.

(Natasha): I´ll help you this one time, Stark. Where are you?

(Tony): THANKS. Stark-Tower; last floor. Behind the Kitchen-counter.

(Y/N): Thanks for letting me know Stark. Thanks for tricking him, Nat <3

*(Y/N) [Admin] left the chat*


(Natasha): Have fun, Stark ;)

*(Natasha) left the chat*

(Thor): You shall find a warm place in Walhalla, Brother Anthony.

*(Thor) left the chat*

*(Steve) left the chat*


(Clint): Nighty night, Stark ;)

*(Clint) left the chat*


*(Bruce) left the chat*

*(Tony) [Admin] changed their name to (AlmostDeceased)*

*(AlmostDeceased) [Admin] closed the Chatroom*

Distraction (AvengersxReader) / Chatroom
I just notced that I never submitted this to dA?
Dishonor on me! Dishonor on my cow!

Have fun reading it ^^

Request: May I request a reader x cas fic where cas keeps invading the reader’s personal space?

Name:  Heaven beside you

Fandom: Supernatural

Character: Castiel x Reader

Reader Gender: Female

Words: 1.628

Warnings:  none

(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname 


So, if we can´t shoot it, what do we do then? “ You sighed hard and rubbed over your eyes in exhaustion, while Dean next to you just shrugged his shoulders and took another sip of his beer. You threw a glance at Sam who was similar exhausted, his eyes red of staring at the laptop monitor in front of him too long. You had been hunting this…whatever it was, since three days now. So far you only figured out that this thing was very rude, not interested in talking instead of fighting…and did not like it when you shot it. So it came that the three of you were sitting in your motel, doing research, drinking beer and being in a pretty bad mood altogether.

We could…” Sam usually was more useful than his brother when it came to research. “Call Castiel. Maybe he could help us? If he´s not too busy with Raphael and stuff…” Both, you and Dean looked at Sam with a thoughtfully glance. Why didn´t you have this idea earlier? You had an angel on speed dial, so why not use it to your own advantage?

Okay,” you rose from your chair and moved to the couch in order to make place for the angel. The motel room was small and there were only three chairs at the table. “By Prayer or Phone call?” You drew a wide smirk at Dean, who just shook his head in played annoyance. When it came to call Cas you usually let Dean go first, because, as proven, Cas did listen then: plus you didn´t like the praying. At least this was your official statement… The real reason why you didn´t want to call Cas on your own was more…personal. You really liked the dark haired angel. “Like” as in “really really like.” He wasn´t only handsome and friendly, but you loved the way he acted. His confusion when it came to human habits, the face he made when he didn´t understand something and the questioning tune in his raspy voice when he asked you about an explanation. But there was the problem; you were pretty shy when it came to social interaction, so you usually tried to stay back when he was present. Which should turn out to become more and more complicated all too soon.

It took some seconds for Cas to appear once Dean ended his prayer, but he didn´t show up as expected. All of you were waiting silently when you suddenly felt a weight on the couch right next to you. You felt fabric touching your bare arm and heard even breathing right next to your ear. Wincing you turned around in surprise and blushed when you were face in face with Castiel. “Hello.” He was facing the direction of Sam and Dean as if he wouldn´t even have noticed you…great. The Winchesters eyed him with slight amusement, especially Dean´s smirk went wider when he noticed your blush, obviously caused by the angel.

Hey, Cas! Thanks for comingyou made yourself comfortable this time, eh?” Dean chuckled a bit, while the Angel looked at him with confusion in his eyes. Sam quickly turned everybody´s attention at the case in order to prevent you from strangling Dean, which you obviously intended according to the death glare you sent him. “Cas, we need your help in a case. There is this thing in town, but we don´t know what it is or how we can get rid of it.” The angel nodded thoughtfully. “I will try my best to help you…what kind of case is causing you trouble?” The Winchesters explained the case taking their good time doing so. You could clearly see how amusing Dean found the whole situation: To see you sitting on the edge of the couch, caught between Cas and the armrest, blushing furiously. Cas meanwhile didn´t even notice that you felt slightly uncomfortable. He just listened to the boys with a concentrated face and you started wondering whether he even noticed that you were sitting next to him.

Once everything was explained it took Cas mere seconds to find out what you guys were hunting, there was only one problem that remained: To kill this thing a spell needed to be performed. Fortunately you had all the ingredients in the Impala´s trunk but the spell only worked in the dead of the night so whether you like it or not…you had to wait. 

Okay, while we wait we could talk through some plans for tonight, just in case…” “ORsomeone of us heads out to the store and grabs us some food because I´m starving here!” Sam was the practical one, while Dean thought with his stomach obviously. But that was your chance to get out of this uncomfortable situation without making it even more awkward. “I volunteer, need to get some fresh air anyways. This tiny motel room is driving me crazy!” You jumped from the couch, carefully enough not to kick Cas from the sofa as well. You were already half out of the room when you heard a fluttering Trenchcoat behind you. “I will accompany her, just to make sure the monster doesn´t harm her.” You sighed when you closed the door behind the two of you, the last thing to be heard Dean´s laughter and a quick“Don´t forget the pie!”  

You walked most of the way and did the groceries without talking, but fully aware of Castiel´s presence…he was hard to ignore according to the fact that he was walking so close, you feared he might step on your feet any moment. In the store he didn´t keep distance either which led to a very confused looking shop assistant and some giggling girls who eyed you the whole time you went through the store with wide smirks. You just grabbed some deep-fry pizzas, paid and left the store before some stupid comments could be made.

You always feared that you might trip and indeed when, on your way back to the motel, you decided to do something against Cas´, certainly unintended, closeness and stopped your movements abruptly, the angel crushed frontally into you. “(Y/N) is everything alright?” He looked at you slightly concerned but still standing very close. “Ehrm, yeah…Cas. Can we talk about something?” He nodded and you shifted uncomfortably, trying to look in these beautiful blue eyes without blushing completely. “It´s… I don´t want to offend you or anything like this, but…you know…this personal space bubble is kinda important to me and…”

“Personal…space…bubble?” He said the words as if he would repeat a foreign language and you couldn´t help but look at him in surprise. “A personal space bubble…you know what this is don´t you?” He slowly shook his head and you sighed shortly. “Imagine it like an invisible bubble surrounding a person. Usually people don´t like it when someone enters this bubble or even stays in there…” You gave the angel a meaningful glance by looking first ant him and then at the, barely existing, space between you and him. Suddenly Cas seemed to begin understanding your problem, his eyes widened in surprise and he began…stuttering?

He hesitantly made a few steps back, eying you with an insecure glance. “I…I am really sorry, (Y/N)! I did never mean to make you feel uncomfortable! It was just…you know, I asked Dean about it and…well he said to show you…I am… forgive me, you know that I may act a little bit different sometimes and…”When the name Dean fell, you began foreseeing what has been the problem.

Wait, Cas did you just say Dean? About what did you ask Dean?”

“I asked him how humans being show there affection towards each other and he gave me the advice…

Their …affection?” Suddenly a bright blush appeared on the angel’s handsome face and he began staring at his feet, not dissimilar to a puppy after becoming aware that he has done something wrong.

This was the very moment it made ‘click’ in your brain, you felt a warm wave of hope and joy rushing through your whole body and your knees slowly started adapting to the consistence of jelly.

Gathering all your braveness you made a step in Cas´ direction until you were mere inches away from him, gazing up in his blue eyes which were filled with confusion…and fear. Carefully you took his hands in yours, giving him the loveliest smile you were capable of.

Cas is there…anything you want to tell me?” The effort it took him to speak up was clearly visible and his words were marked by unsureness.  

(Y/N)…I…I think I really do like you…as in a…human way…” His voice became more and more quiet while he spoke…still you understood every single word.

Cas winced a bit when you tightened your grip around his hands, leading them up to your face and giving them a gentle kiss.

Why didn´t you just…say anything?” “I…does this mean…?” You just decided to cut him off, letting go of his hands, firmly covering his cheeks with your hands, and gently pressing your lips on his.

The angel first didn´t move, surprised about what you just did and so foreign and new to such human forms of behavior… But just for mere seconds. Then he seems to get the concept…or remember what he already knew about it.

You felt two strong arms being slung around you and pulling you in a tight embrace that made your heart skip a beat. You stood there for what felt like an eternity, focused on the kiss, enjoying the warmth of the closeness, the beats of your hearts being the only sound to be heard.


It should be mentioned that Dean was not amused when you returned without the pie.

Request: Look in the description please ^^

Name: Sympathy for the Devil

Fandom: Supernatural

Character: Lucifer x Reader 

Words: 2.301

Warnings: I think kissing Satan does require a slight warning.

(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname


You remembered the moment like no one; the second Sam told you what happened after Lucifer broke through the wall in his head. He didn´t tell you first, but from a certain moment on it was impossible for him to deny it anymore.  …You had rarely seen such a pain-filled expression before. It got harder and harder every day to convince Sam that this “Lucifer” was nothing but a bare hallucination; usually nobody but Dean managed to calm him down then. There was one thing irritating you: According to what Sam told you, his Lucifer didn´t appear to be Satan on business but a bored child yearning for some attention… Maybe that was why it seemed to be so hard to ignore him? Because he stood in front of Sam exactly as he remembered him to be; after all, whenever the three of you met him, he didn´t try to harm the younger Winchester. He just wanted Sam to be his vessel and even spared Dean in order not to hurt him. Still the hallucinations slowly destroyed Sam and you had no idea that you would soon also find out how hard it could be to distinguish the reality from the illusions of your mind.


Everything started harmless enough, actually even with a bright moment.


Dean! Sam! SAMMY!” You rushed into the boy´s motel room with a big book under your arm; what you just found was more than you ever could have hoped. Actually you just leafed through some old books you borrowed from Bobby, when you found something highly interesting. “(N/N)...? What´s going on, why are you screaming? My poor head!” It was a shirtless Dean who came out of the bathroom with an annoyed face, looking at you in confusion. “Ah stop complaining, Winchester, where is Sam? I found something!” “Something?” “Something that might help him with his little…Lucifer problem.” The man´s eyes widened as he stared at you. “So there is a way to help Sammy?” “I think so. I found this spell in one of Bobby´s books…but where is Sam?” “He left some minutes ago to get some food…and I was about to take a shower, when someone decided to rush in without knocking.” Since you didn´t share a room with the boys you haven´t even noticed that one of them left. “I´m sorry that I interrupted your privacy…shall I come back later?” You replied with an annoyed sigh, which led Dean to smirk widely. “You can also stay and join me.” “Dea…” “No, back to serious.” He sat down at the small table and you quickly took place next to him, laying the book you brought on the table. “There is a way to help him?” “If I translated this correctly, yes.” You opened a certain page that showed some hand written Latin paragraphs, next to an old coal-drawing. The drawing consisted of two persons, one of them having a painful expression, while the other one was shown from the backside, having an ancient sigil drawn on his back. You assumed that the picture showed the situation before the spell; the one with the painful expression being the suffering person and the other one being the performer.

This down here,” you pointed at the last line on the page, “is a spell that can be used to make `foreign things in someone´s mind disappear´. The text above explains it more detailed, but to sum it up shortly: We just need the blood of a lamb, then both, the person who performs the spell and the person that is about to be cured, need to have the sigil drawn on their back. Both recite a part of the spell and BAM, Sammy is free from his hallucinations!” You smiled at the older Winchester with your brightest smile, while he replied with an amazed expression. “(Y/N), you are gold worth, I could kiss you right now!” Said, done: a second later Dean had pressed his lips on your cheek. “Dean, enough, that´s…” You pushed him away, trying to look angry but you were just too happy about what you found.


Am I interrupting something?” The two of you didn´t even notice that the door had opened, and a confused Sam had entered the room. “Sammy! There you are finally!” You jumped from the couch, and the man gave appearance as if he´d run away, scared from your sudden good mood. It indeed took a while to explain everything.


Two days later you finally had arranged everything. Dean and you had played Scissors, Stone, and Paper to arrange who was the one to perform the spell… so of course it was you. Otherwise you would have been afraid that Dean would mess everything up. So it came that you and Sam stood side by side in the motel room, Sam shirtless and you wearing a bikini-top while Dean drew the sigils on both of your backs. Your heart skipped some beats when you began with the spell and every cell in your body hoped that at least one time something would work as it should.

Surprisingly it did. The moment you spoke the last word, a shimmering blue light filled the room, forcing you to close your eyes. A slight tingle appeared in your ears and you felt growing heath on your back. A slight spark of fear came up in your heart when the heath grew even more intense, but fortunately it suddenly disappeared and you were able to open your eyes again. Instantly you turned around to Sam, who looked through the room with distrust in his eyes. Dean was the first to speak again. “And? Is he…?” You swallowed hard when Sam didn´t give an answer, but suddenly a bright smile appeared on his face. “He…he is gone. I can´t hear anything, or see anything, he is…he is gone! The next moment you felt yourself being drawn in a breath-taking hug, feeling the friction caused by Sam´s laughter. He let go of you and also hugged his brother, who was at least as relieved as Sam himself, before he sat down on his motel bed. He was about to say something, when he seemed to remember what he was lacking the most within the last weeks. With the blink of an eye, Sam had laid down on the uncomfortable bed and fallen asleep with the most peaceful expression you had ever seen, Dean and you were watching him with slight surprise.


It did work. (N/N)…it really worked.” You just nodded and grabbed your book, still not believing that you managed to help him. Then you noticed again that you just performed a very…messy spell. “So, Aurora is sleeping and if you excuse me now, I need a shower. The blood on my back is disgusting…my whole skin is itching.” Before you left the room, you gave the older Winchester a last wink. “Once he is awake again, we´ll head out to the nearest bar and celebrate a little.” You would soon realize that there was less reason to celebrate than expected.


You entered your motel room and threw the old book on the bed, it has fulfilled its purpose. Without any further stops you walked in the bathroom and undressed quickly. A warm shower was everything you needed right now. The warm water really did wonders to your sore muscles but the itching on your back remained, even when you turned off the water. You told yourself that it was a mere effect of the spell and would leave soon…

But when you turned around to grab a towel you nearly suffered from a heart attack. In the last moment you suppressed a loud shriek.


In front of the shower…right in front of you, he stood. He did look exactly the same as he did when you met him the first time; tall, blonde and without any burning marks in his face. He just stood there, an amused smile on his face, eying you from the scalp to the toes as if it would be the most normal thing in the world. You closed your eyes for a second, the thought that this couldn´t be true hammering in your mind…but when you opened your lids, he still stood there, now looking directly in your eyes. “Did you miss me (Y/N)?” This voice…the voice you never thought to hear again, the one you heard in your dreams so often…the voice of Lucifer.


You suddenly remembered that you were standing there…completely exposed to Satan himself. Quickly you grabbed the towel and wrapped yourself in it, rushing out of the room but not without making sure that you didn´t touch this…whatever. And being completely aware that his glance followed you when you left the bathroom. “Really (N/N)? You just ignore me? That´s not nice!” You didn´t turn around when you heard the steps behind you but quickly threw on some clothes, just in time before Lucifer entered the small motel room, looking around curiously. “So, the Winchesters still drag you around? Making you stop in such substandard motels?” You tried to ignore him, you really did. Because you remembered what Sam told you… His whole crisis started the moment he stopped ignoring Lucifer and talked to him for the first time and you were eager to try learning from his mistake. “I always was against it. You know, the whole thing with you and the boys. I mean Sam, yes he is alright. But Dean? My father, this boy is a walking mess.” You swallowed hard, still trying to ignore the man and slowly walked a few steps towards your bed. You carefully sat down on the edge and grabbed the book you threw there before. You leafed through it hesitantly, looking for the spell you just performed. When you found the page, you suddenly felt…a presence next to you? Shocked you winced a little bit, trying not to turn around and looking at the man who sat down right next to you, looking over your shoulder with narrowed eyes.

Nice book of yours…I guess this is the reason I am not with Sammy anymore? Well but I suppose you should have read the description more carefully.” He chuckled a bit and you closed your eyes in stress when you finally got it.


The spell didn´t remove the invader of the mind…it just made him change places…from one person to another. And what you thought about the picture has been wrong as well. The picture showed the situation after the spell…and the man with the painful expression obviously was the performer. But how could you get rid of him now? Without infecting another person?

(N/N)…you hurt my feelings. Why would you even want to get rid of me? I mean…” You suddenly felt two strong arms around your hip, pulling you closer and although you knew he was nothing but a mere hallucination…you could have sworn to feel his warm breath on your cheek. “Doesn´t my favorite human enjoy my company?” Ignoring him got harder and harder… Sam saw Lucifer as he remembered him…and obviously so did you. “You are pretty sure that I am only a hallucination, hm?” You held your breath when you felt a pair of lips pressed on your cheeks, followed by a growling chuckle. You had to do something about this…quickly.

Lucifer took his arms back a little bit and you took the chance to unwind of his grip and stand up. He didn´t follow you instantly, but stayed on the bed, looking at you expectantly and obviously waiting for whatever came next. You sighed and run a hand through your hair, while you muttered some swearings. “God damn it…why can´t anything work? Like at least once!”Dear, watch you language!” He said that in a playful manner and you couldn´t help but smile and think back about the few occasions when you had met him… He never harmed Sammy…or you. After various meetings with Angels like Balthazar or Gabriel you were kind of used to flirty angels…but none of them had been like Lucifer.

He wasn´t directly flirting, but the way he looked at you, the manner he talked…and he had had the habit of standing very close to you. This whole personal space thing was a new world for angels indeed, but this was different. And you never actually disliked it to be honest. Maybe you even would have liked Lucifer wouldn´t there have been the whole apocalypse-stuff…and if you ignored that he was Satan.


A soft chuckle tore you from your thoughts and you blushed furiously when you noticed that you have been grinning like an idiot the while time. “My (N/N)…you remember the better times? But there was one thing we hadn´t before…” He stood up and came closer. Unsure you made a step back, eying him suspiciously, tears began to blur your sight. He stopped in front of you, raising his hands on the height of your face, carefully covering your cheeks and bowing forward a bit. “Time. Time just for the two of us, without those Winchesters bothering us, without this lousy apocalypse behind us. Well yes, humanity still exists, which is bothersome enough…but that´s acceptable as long as I have my human just for me.”  You couldn´t hold it back anymore, you had no idea how Sam managed to resist him so long, but you clearly could not. “Lucifer…” The word left your lips as a faint breath, but it drew a smile from the man. “Was this so hard (N/N)?” You closed your eyes when you felt his lips on yours, pressing against you gently but with longing pressure. You were certainly going to find something against this…but that could wait. And you sure as hell wouldn´t tell the Winchesters that you botched the spell. 

:new: I couldn´t resist anyways and made it a thing! :new:

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

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Pixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfear

Hey guys I thought about making a secret Santa Group for 2014, :iconsantalaplz: themed on this four amazing fandoms:

 :bulletred: Supernatural
:bulletnavy: by Wooded-Wolf  Dr.Who
 :bulletwhite: Avengers (Marvel)
Bulletsky by Wooded-Wolf Sherlock

Since there are many fandom-based Secret Santas (you know like MlP, Naruto etc etc~) and I never actually hosted a Secret Santa ^^

I tried Fairytail last year but basically got completely ignored

So this year I´m gonna ask first:

Is there anyone who woul be interested in such a Secret Santa Event? <3
Then fave this journal or comment!

It will be a group for both artwork and literatur! <3

Maybe I´ll even keep the group and host other events, like a secret easter bunny and secret valentine ;)</span>
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Id like to start a premium membership so please donate <3

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ah screw that! I´ll run off with the angel Castiel - stamp VII by Flaminia

Dean Quote Stamp by LenaLawliet
Vampire Knight, Night Class by bellie1997Kira Is Justice - Stamp by LenaLawlietSacrifice to Jashin stamp by zelos22Kid Stamp Theft by kolidescopeAssassins creed stamp Death by RedSlashwolfSold my soul to Square Enix by adijiaCastiel Stamp by zerotozune
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Heiji Hattori by konalleiHeiji Hattori by konalleiHeiji Hattori by konallei



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I Want A Heartless - Stamp by LenaLawlietI Want A Shinigami - Stamp by LenaLawlietMarshmallow Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Poor Heartless Stamp by Mr-StampI Want A Shinigami - Stamp by LenaLawlietOrganization XIII Stamp by SweetDuke
Supporting Heartless People by Kyuubi-no-KyuuHeartless Stamp by MalarkaiGive me back my heart stamp by littlepolka
book than movie stamp by PatienceiAIOStamp - commit it to memory by kaitoupirateDevil May Cry by CELphotography
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Moogle Stamp by Pinkest-PrincessGiant Crazy Cactuar Stamp by witch13888Hoenn Fan Stamp by Empovyle
kingdom hearts stamp by otakulottie'Kingdom Hearts' Fan stamp by DAXRULZSecond Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame
Kingdom Hearts 2 Stamp by TamyRTStamp that never was. by jeeshgirlkaito kid stamp by MalibuMixx
BAWW THEY R KISSING HOW GROSS by XiikStamp by Before-I-Sleep by kaitoxaokoKogoro, Richard Stamp by MrsHighwind
Conan Stamp by ChiisanaENVYI love Detective Conan Stamp by shadowhatesomochaoDetective Conan A. Stamp 006 by hanakt
Screw Prince Charming. by flutterskiesHEY -snatch- Stamp by flutterskiesStamp - Shin x Ran by eve-sh
Detective Conan A. Stamp 005 by hanaktHeiji Stamp - For Nee by xSatoshiShinichi and Heiji stamp by Linzys
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Resident Evil 5 Stamp by sonicxrules219[STAMP] Dantes Inferno by Emfenfma stamp by silverMoonGuardian
FMA vs Twilight stamp by 00DarkChocolate00:thumb150125455:Ed is short stamp by Okami-Moony
Ed cant Fit by Wa-pieRoy Mustang Fan Stamp by Echizen-Ryoma
Gluttony stamp- hungry by Lifeconsumer102Indiana Elric stamp by Okami-MoonyFMA Sins Stamp by Nemonus
Eddie hates milk stamp by Okami-MoonyStamp - I LOVE DOGS LOL by AirlightSparksXAlphonse Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist
Scared Ed and Al stamp by Okami-MoonyThe True Sparkling Man by Natures-RoseEmo Corner Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist
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FMA Stamp by xStormyChaosBlack Hayate by MarjorqueTeam Mustang - Stamp by melisnirvana
Stamp: Uh... by Toasty-CoconutRoy Mustang Phone stamp by Kaze-yoRoy Mustang Stamp by VAL0VE
FMA- Evil Plan xD by Kaze-yoRoy Mustang Stamp by YukiMatsuda2003 Mustang Fan by GreedLin
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Mustang more than Edward by Nacht-VicoAnti Royai Stamp 2 by RoyAndreaFlamesRoy Mustang Fan Stamp by QuirklestheCynical
Chevrolet stamp by LastUtopia:stamp spn fandom4: by ashers-ashershey ass butt stamp by DontCallMeSammymishalicious stamp by kasienka-nikkimishalicious stamp by kasienka-nikkiOnly Heaven by zerotozune:stamp: spn fandom by ashers-ashersSPN: It's OVER by Twilight-DeviantEye of the Dean Tiger by CELphotographySPN Trickster stamp by nezukuroBobby says yer an Idgit by ElStamporooniosCas Lick Stamp by SweetDukeSupernatural Sitcom Stamp by Ranger-SarhaCastiel Eating by kicsiannaSupernatural PUDDING stamp by limpet666Free Eye of the Tiger Stamp by HikariKoboshihappeh dean by Bloody-ChangelingSupernatural by kicsiannaCrowley Stamp - Test by LaJollysam and dean wrangling stamp by Bloody-ChangelingDean dies stamp by Bloody-ChangelingDeath Note stamp by TheEmoBunnehJar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yume
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