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Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Pixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfear


Pixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfear

Hey guys I thought about making a secret Santa Group for 2014, :iconsantalaplz: themed on this four amazing fandoms:

 :bulletred: Supernatural
:bulletnavy: by Wooded-Wolf  Dr.Who
 :bulletwhite: Avengers (Marvel)
Bulletsky by Wooded-Wolf Sherlock

Since there are many fandom-based Secret Santas (you know like MlP, Naruto etc etc~) and I never actually hosted a Secret Santa ^^

I tried Fairytail last year but basically got completely ignored

So this year I´m gonna ask first:

Is there anyone who woul be interested in such a Secret Santa Event? <3
Then fave this journal or comment!

It will be a group for both artwork and literatur! <3

Maybe I´ll even keep the group and host other events, like a secret easter bunny and secret valentine ;)</span>
Chicken Party #1 by Micia96
Chicken Party #1
My hand slipped.

Farmer Barton and his Chickens #1 !

I can´t wait for Age of Ultron xDD
But honestly I really love Clint and hope we´ll get more of him >w< ~:heart:

Sorry it´s just a doodle, you know university, no time and stuff~ :iconjeremyrennerplz:

Artwork (c) Micia96 / (me)
Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (c) Marvel / The Avengers: Earth´s mightiest Heros

Update: Season 3 Episode 4-5

About: A little Sherlock Chat / Sick!Moriarty x Reader

Fandom: Sherlock

Character: Moriarty x Reader

Words: 2.412

Warnings: None


(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname 

____ ____ ____


You sighed in pleasure when you sat down on your comfortable couch, tightly wrapped in your favorite blanket, a steaming cup of hot chocolate standing on the low table in front of you, right next to your laptop.

It has been a terribly exhausting day...well actually most days had been exhausting since you had moved in your new apartment: 221c Bakerstreet.

The apartment itself wasn't the problem, except for some little problems with mold, what kept you busy, were your neighbors in 221b.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had quickly became not only your best friends, well at least Watson, but also the biggest source of adventures and pastime you ever experienced.

While John had become some sort of caring, protective older Brother, Sherlock...well Sherlock was Sherlock. A cold, emotionless brick with the ability of turning the world upwards down within 5 minutes or less.

But you were, next to John, certainly the closest thing to a friend he ever has had. Sometimes he even was capable of actions like concern or slight affection, almost giving him appearance of being a human with a functioning soul.


You had decided that from now on, it was 10 pm, the day would become calm and relaxing. No running, no crime and a minimum of thinking...only problem; You had forgotten that this decision was not only yours...

When you were about to open the web browser, a small window popped up on the screen, informing you about an incoming message.


*John [Admin] invited you to the Chat*

Narrowing your eyes in confusion, you hovered with the mouse over the decline-button.

You were tired and really needed some relaxation...but it was John after all and he usually wasn't the one to start a disaster.

Most likely he was only tired of Sherlock's behavior and wanted someone to talk.


*(Y/N) has joined the chatroom*

*(John) [Admin] changed his name to (SH)*


Oh shit.

It has been a trap.


(Y/N): Really? Did you just use John's name to get me in the chat?


(SH): Obviously. Would I have used my name you might have declined.


(Y/N): Not only might, Sherlock. Look, I just got home from work. And since I hadn't any sleep yesterday, because of a certain person who had to torture Mrs. Hudson's poor wall, I really need some rest, so...


(SH): You can rest later, this is of importance.


(Y/N): Okay, I'll bite. What's the matter?


(SH): As you already mentioned I had a little dispute with the wall yesterday. Not without valid reasons of course. John and Mrs. Hudson hid all sources of distraction...I need you to find my tea.



You are the brilliant master mind, go figure out where is it on your won! Or just go to the store and BUY SOME.


(SH): I'm currently sitting in my chair and I do not intend to leave it, neither to look through John's wardrobe, nor to go to the shop.


(Y/N): Really? You even know where your stuff is? And I thought I was the lazy one...wait you are at home? You chat with me although you are just like a few stairs away?


(SH): If I'd shout, Mrs. Hudson might hear it and try

to convince you not to help me.


*(John) requested to join the chatroom*


(SH): He must have noticed that I'm chatting


(Y/N): Don't you DARE decline him, Holmes!

Or I'll personally arrange that you will never again see a single leave of tea!


You shot a death glare at the ceiling although it was rarely possible that anyone would see it.


*(SH) [Admin] invited (John) to the chatroom*


*(John) joined the chatroom*


(John): Whatever you do, do not tell him where it is!

...btw: Hello (N/N) J


(Y/N): Hey John ;)

Didn't intend to do so. I should inform you however that he knows where it is...Just too lazy to get out of his chair to get it.


(SH): (Y/N)! You said if I let John in the chat...


(Y/N): When I threatened you with one thing, Sherly it doesn't imply the opposite to happen.


(SH): How can you be such heartless?


(John): Did he just...?


(Y/N): I reached the point where I don't even question such things anymore.


(SH): And don't call me this name, it's degrading!


(Y/N): WILLIAM SHERLOCK SCOTT HOLMES! It's late, I'm tired...


*(Fox) requested to join the chatroom*


You winced when the name appeared on the screen but weren't able to hold back a little smile.


(John): Who's that? Greg? Did you steal Lestrades ID again Sherlock?


(SH): Most likely but he's not supposed to notice it until tomorrow.


 (Y/N): Considering that Lestrade is my boss I will simply ignore your latest comment, Sherlock.


 *(Fox) requested to join the chatroom*


(John): A very persistent fellow. You have an idea who it might be (N/N)?


Of course you had. And you quickly had to do something before Sherlock kicked him... or worse: added him to the conversation.


*(Y/N) invited (Fox) to a private chat*


(SH): I suppose that means she does so.


 *(Fox) joined (Y/N)'s private chat*


Sherlock and John wouldn't get a message from you in a while... but you were damn glad that they weren't able to read the private chat.



//Private Chat//

[Visible to (Y/N) and (Fox) only]


(Y/N): Fox? Really? Any more obvious and you can just mail your private address to Sher.


(Fox): Not even a 'hello' for your beloved?


You sighed.


(Y/N): Hi Jim.


(Fox): Hello dear ;) Did you miss me? <3


(Y/N): Srsly Jim, I'm tired. You usually don't just chat with me without reason...what's the matter?


(Fox): You are correct, I prefer SMS or a call so I can hear your lovely voice ;)


(Y/N): Jim.


(Fox): I require your assistance. Come to my flat.


(Y/N): Now?? Are you fucking kidding me? It's late, I'm tired... 


(Fox): Watch your language you are forgetting whom you are talking to.


Another deep sigh escaped you once you read the message. Being friends with one sociopath would be enough for any person... but two of them!

Not enough them being some sort of weird archenemies and one of them being a consulting criminal... You always had had a weak point for the bad boys as you had to admit...

But if Sherlock ever found out about this 'friendship', it was actually a complicated relationship, he would be slightly...unamused.


Before you were able to answer, Jim sent you a new message.


(Fox): It is a matter of death or live. Hurry.


*(Fox) has left the conversation*


You rolled your eyes theatrical. Was he serious? However you felt upcoming concern: Jim usually didn't just leave without a bye...and his whole way of writing this evening was ...different from usual.

Maybe there was really something wrong.

The appearing messages in front of you tore you from your thoughts.


*(Y/N) re-joined the chatroom*


(SH): As I told you.


(Lestrade): Evening, (Y/N)!


(Y/N): Ah, hello Greg, I didn't notice that you joined!

Told whom what, Sherlock?


(John): Told me that you would be back any second. Was this a friend of yours?


(Y/N): Kind of, yes. What are you doing here anyways, Greg?


(SH): Who is Greg?


(Lestrade): That's me. And I'm here because I need my ID, it seems to have vanished in a mysterious way...


(SH): We've already discussed this. You must have lost it in the morning when you left the cab.


(Lestrade): Just a little bit strange that every time I seem to do so, it was after we worked on a case together...


(SH): Interesting coincidence, indeed. Almost as if you'd do this on purpose.

Btw I was working on the case, I have no idea what you were doing.


Before they kept on arguing you quickly tried to get away in order to look for Jim.


(Y/N): However, I got to go, try not to rip each other apart. Bye John, Greg.

Maybe I'll make you some tea later, Sherlock.


The last sentence you added because you somehow felt bad. Every time you spent time with Jim you felt the urge to do Sherlock a little favor...the least you could do, considering that you betrayed him in such a way.


*(Y/N) left the chatroom*


You quickly shut down your laptop and put a Jacket on before you left the apartment as inconspicuous as possible. You didn't want Sherlock to notice that you left, he was far too curious sometimes.

You had just told the cab driver your destination, when your mobile rang. You immediately recognized the number.


"Yes, Jim?"

"Where are you?"

His voice was low and raspy, not more than a faint whisper and you became even more concerned.

"Just entered the cab, give me 15 minutes. ...What's wrong Jim?"

You tried not to be too obvious, yes you actually did care about him but there was no need for him to know.

"Just...come quick."

You swallowed hard when he hung up. When you were about to shove your mobile back in your coat pocket, it gave signal of another message.


*SH [Admin] invited you to the chatroom*

Seriously? ...certainly they noticed that you had left. You considered just ignoring Sherlock, but couldn't.

*(Y/N) joined the chatroom*

(SH): You left bakerstreet.


(Y/N): Brilliant deduction, Sher.


(SH): Regarding the facts that you were 'tired' and intended to 'have a calm evening', I was only wondering where you might have gone.


(Y/N): Well then keep on wondering, since I ain't gonna tell you. Why don't you try to deduce it?


(John): Just don't mind him (N/N). He's only pissed because he wasn't able to read your and Fox' messages. ;)


(SH): Whoever your 'friend' is, he has remarkable skills in keeping his conversations a secret.




(SH): ...maybe.


You just shut down your mobile without any answer. This man was a walking disaster.

You knew that Sherlock would try to find out where you were...but he wouldn't find out. Jim had some methods to keep every single of his conversations a secret and not even a Sherlock Holmes could break through this fortress of firewalls.


When you reached your destination, you quickly jumped out of the cab, taking a short cut to Jim's flat. Of course you did not tell the cabby the direct address, but one a few streets away.


A terrible feeling came up in your stomach, when the flat came in sight: all the windows, including the one to the office were Jim certainly was right now, were plain black. Not the slightest source of light seemed to be in the building. Jim had said that it was a matter of death or life...


You quickly got to the backdoor, just in case, and opened it with the emergency key.

Yes James Moriarty, the most powerful and brilliant criminal mind of his era, hid a spare key under a fake-rock in his backyard.

The apartment was filled with an alarming silence and you had to resist the strong urge to just scream out for Jim loudly. However, your heart lightened up when you entered the living room and found Jim...but just for a second. When you turned on the lights you were greeted by an... unique sight.


The consulting criminal James Moriarty, laying sprawled out on the couch, tightly wrapped in several blankets, wincing in surprise when the bright light flooded through the room.

You eyed the man with growing suspicion. His face was covered in a layer of sweat, his breath was uneven and the area around his nose unusual reddened. Also he had dark bags under his glassy eyes, implying that he had rarely slept for at least two days.


"(Y/N)..." his voice was unsteady and his usually so adorable accent blurred due to his throaty voice.

"...finally. I already thought you'd let me down in the hour of my death." He delivered that sentence as if Satan himself would have already laid his hands upon him.

This...this terrible drama queen! Anger boiled up in you.


"JAMES MORIARTY. Did you just order me here in a matter of 'death or live' because you caught a fucking flue??"

"Dear, watch your language, even if this shall be my death bed, you are still talking to..ha...ha...HATSCHOU!"

Seeing his struggle to get up, wrapped in his blanket cocoon, you handed him the box of handkerchiefs from the small table.

"You know, I could just go home and leave you alone with your 'deadly misery'." You stated with a calm voice, causing him to send you a death glare. He seemed irritated though, when he noticed your warm smile.

"You know what? I'll go to the kitchen and make you some soup...before you actually really die just to prove me that you were not overdramatizing."


So it came, that some fifteen minutes later you sat on the couch right next to Moriarty, watching some random Disney movie that popped up on TV, while he ate his soup with a somehow satisfied expression on his face.

The soup really did wonders to his state; once he finished, he didn´t look as terrible as the moment you found him also his voice has become a little bit clearer. You began feeling more and more tired, when a glance at the watch told you that it was already close to 12 pm.

With the intention to leave you grabbed the jacket you have thrown over the couch rest when you felt a hand closing around your wrist, pulling you back firmly. You turned around and rose an eyebrow at Jim who looked at you with an almost pleading glance.

Jim, it is late…you have had some soup, now you should go to bed and sleep in order to convalesce again.

Don´t leave.

That was everything he said. Quietly, in a soft voice his brown eyes locked on yours. He wasn´t begging…but there was something in his eyes. Something that made you let go of your jacket and sit down on the couch again.

You tried to make yourself comfortable when, all of the sudden, Jim was very close to you. You felt an arm lazily slung around your shoulder pulling you closer, felt a warm cheek on your other shoulder and hears even breathing right next to your ear. Slowly you started dozing off, in a tight embrace of your somehow favorite sociopath.


Sherlock would have some things to deduce once you came back the next day.




Sociopaths (MoriartyxReader) / Chatroom
I somehow don´t manage to make a plain chatroom...I prefer a mix of chat and ´normal´One Shot as I already did with the Avengers-One, what do you think about this concept? Or is this too confusing?
Some feedback about this would be great! c:

What else to say? ...have fun reading ; ) :iconjimmoriartyplz:

Chapter 8 - Help on speed dial?

You arrived at Bakerstreet some minutes later. The watch’s respawn for “2” was the kitchen of 221b, so you didn’t even have to knock. Quickly you entered the living room, greeting the others with bright enthusiasm.
Hey, I’m back! Missed me?" You smiled at…the empty couch? You looked around in the room twice, but it was definitely empty. After checking the whole apartment, you decided to ask Mrs. Hudson down in 221a, but she didn’t even know that the men were gone. 
They must have had left before she got up in the morning. “Maybe they didn’t expect you back that early? Since John said you would be gone for a few days." You checked for the time and were surprised once again; 8 pm, October 5th. That’s how you found out, that the time-accommodation worked in one direction only.

You thanked the landlady politely before you returned and decided to simply call Watson. It rang two times, three times…after the fifth time the mailbox activated. When you tried it five minutes later with the same result, you felt the upcoming feeling that something bad might had happened. Unfortunately, you hadn’t Sherlock’s number…and calling Scotland Yard to speak with Lestrade might be a slight overreaction. The moment you decided to ask Mrs. Hudson for Sherlock’s number, your phone buzzed, giving you signal of an incoming message. …the answer from J.M.

[You already seem to know two of them, Miss (Y/N). About the last player…why don’t you meet him yourself? Piccadilly Circus, 9 pm, if that’s not too late for a lady. Ps: Please, it’s Jim. ; ) ] / [Message from “J.M.”]


You looked at the message for a while, without knowing how to reply. That was either an invitation to a small meet and greet or to a thrill and kill. For Moriarty there existed nothing in between. Oh and due to his moodiness, the first one might change into a murder as well. You maybe should have asked Sherlock what to do, but that would certainly complicate everything even more.

You decided to reply to the message and look for Sherlock and John afterwards. If you wouldn’t have found them until 9 to ask them about your Moriarty-problem…well, if he tried to kill you, you still had the option to escape by your watch. …Yes, brilliant and faultless plan.

[Sounds like a great idea for the evening, Jim. The lady can’t wait to meet the last player.”] / [Successfully sent to “J.M.”]


You quickly descended the stairs and got Holmes´ number by Mrs. Hudson. …he didn’t answer his phone either. …Okay, screw that. You quickly headed outside and hired a cab. Maybe Molly or Lestrade could give you some answers.

Half an hour later, you stood in front of Lestrade’s office, but weren’t able to enter: the small room was crowded with journalists. After some minutes, you heard an ordering cry from the center of the room, then you watched the journalists hesitantly leaving the room, the last one to exit being Lestrade himself; he looked like the cursed child of desperation and exhaustion himself, and this although Sherlock wasn’t even around.

Lestrade? You have a moment?I SAID NO MORE…" he exclaimed when he noticed that it was you, who asked.
Oh (Y/N), it’s you! Sorry I thought it was one of those journalists again…" "They are going mad about the case with the hybrid-arrows I guess?" "You guessed correctly? I mean, what by Jove am I supposed to tell them? That some weird alien from another universe went crazy and was running amok while he was chasing a doctor?!" Well obviously, Lestrade has been told the truth in your absence…poor Greg. You assumed they told him, when you were waving mentioned doctor goodbye.

Since you seem to like your job: rather not.

He gave an exhausted sound and rubbed his eyes, when another question came to his mind. “I nearly forgot: what are you actually doing here?" His last words had a slight sound of remaining hope, which shattered in thousand pieces all too soon.
No, I ain´t gonna tell you what to tell the press. Just use your creativity or whatever you have that’s actually working in your brain." You kind of regretted your words when you saw the sparkle of hurt in his eyes. "Okay, maybe this has been a little bit…harsh. Sherlock had been an all too bad influence I guess. Speaking about latter one; I’m currently looking for him and John, they won’t answer their phones…have you seen them around?" "Not since yesterday." Great.
Have there been any…" You were interrupted by your buzzing phone.

Ah, maybe John?" "Most likely not…" You grinded your teeth in stress when you read the content of the message and finally understood what was going on.

[Still so many time to pass…I hope you are patient, miss (Y/N).] // [Message from “J.M.”]

There were only 20 minutes until your appointment at Piccadilly, not much time at all…

Then you finally understood what had happened. All of this…was Moriarty´s plan, and whoever was going to be waiting for you there it wouldn’t be Moriarty. You finally knew what he was about to do. Moriarty was sure that you never had seen him before: he could send anyone else to your meeting… according to his knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s not him either. However, that game could be played from both sides.

You also began understanding why Sherlock and Watson were gone. Damn sociopaths. You quickly called your mailbox to re-listen to what you thought to be an accidental call…it has been a cry for help all of the time.

After analyzing the message, you came to the conclusion; the men were, probably caught, in a room near to a crowded underground station. Probably an abandoned engine room or something similar…some place nobody would ever visit, although there were so many people in the area. However, the question, which station it was, remained.

When you thought about Moriarty´s character and habits, it hit you. Immediately you consulted Lestrade, who has been standing next to you, certainly still waiting for an answer to his question, all the time. “Greg, which underground stations are near Piccadilly circus?

He looked a bit puzzled but answered. “The closest ones should be Green Park, Oxford Circus and Leicester Square…why?" Damn, those were still too many. "(Y/N), is anything wrong? Was the message from John?

You slowly shook your head. There must have been something you left out… some detail; a small chain link that connected everything… “It’s now almost 9 pm, maybe you should return to Bakerstreet and wait there, I can drive you. I’m sure Mrs. Hudson will…" Now it stroke you. "What did you say? pm?!" "Yes I did…however I wanted…

That’s it! The time! He didn’t randomly chose it, of course not! Is there any station near Piccadilly that is closed?" "Why yes…Charing Cross was temporary closed because of maintenance works. All trains have been diverted. Now that you mention it…the first train after the opening will drive through today: The line Elephant & Castle – Harrow & Wealdstone will reach the Station 9pm.”  Oh no. Oh no, damn no.

If we ever want to see Holmes and Watson alive again, this train shall never leave the station! I hope the offer to drive me is still on the table, Greg.

[I don’t think I am. Maybe I will meet him a bit earlier than supposed.] // [Successfully sent to “J.M.”]

On the way to the car you explained everything to Lestrade, who immediately ordered some additional task forces to help you. And, the most important part of your plan; Sally Donovan.


It was some short minutes before 9, when Lestrade and you arrived at Charing Cross. “I will talk to the responsible ones of the station, this train needs to be stopped."I will go down and check the station!" "(Y/N), don’t do anything dangerous! Whatever you do, don’t enter the tracks!

Yeah, of course." You assured before you jumped out of the car and sprinted down the stairway to the station. Of course…as if. You knew Moriarty. Moreover, you were sure that not even Scotland Yard could stop this train anymore. Your only chance was to find and free the two men, before the train left the station…and to hope that Donovan would not blow your cover.
If Moriarty found out that it was not you who met his accomplice at Piccadilly Circus, he would grow suspicious and do, hell knows what to Sherlock and John!

Down in the empty station you quickly descended onto the tracks, luckily nobody noticed you. You have rarely ever been running that fast in your life. Your muscles were sore, your back was aching and every breath burned down your throat. You felt unbelievable relief, when you finally heard a voice in the distance…Sherlock´s voice. You slowed down and started walking quiet and carefully, hiding in the shadows on the edge of the tube. You eventually reached a spot where the tube became broader; there was a space next the tracks. One of those that were made for workers to enter and leave the trails when the train arrived. You quickly hid in said area, when you finally were able to spot three figures.

And the sight left Goosebumps all over your skin.

Somehow it also caused the strong feeling of been kidded.

Moriarty was standing mere meters in front of you, watching on the screen of his mobile, pure satisfaction in his face. Watsons face meanwhile was a mixture of fear and the usual “Sherlock once we’re done here I’m so gonna kill you”, while Sherlock himself looked…also satisfied? At least Watson´s expression was explainable: the two men were tied up back-to-back and lying in the middle of the trails. Why was every single sociopath here such a drama queen?

Well it appears…" Moriarty looked up from his phone and started talking with clear amusement in his voice. "That your much appreciated cavalry won’t arrive in the next time. Your lovely little Apprentice Sherlock is spending the evening with a friend of mine…well according to her, with me personally. Ah the mind of ordinary people!" he started laughing a bit, before he drew a swift glance on his wristwatch.
It seems to me, our evening is over my friends! 8.59 pm. Sherlock, John, your last minute has arrived. If you excuse me now, I need to leave…miss (Y/N) is waiting and I shall make sure that she will be told what a nice day we had, before she joins the two of you, gentlemen!" he left through an emergency exit right next to him. Leaving an afraid Watson and a…concerned looking Holmes? This happened surprisingly often within the last time; that Sherlock gave appearance of being capable of human emotion…maybe Crowley broke something when he returned his soul.

When Moriarty was gone, you quickly came out of your hiding place, hurrying to the two, now talking men and heard a few words of their conversation.

Sherlock…if Moriarty said the truth…he didn’t, did he?" there was fading hope in Johns voice. "John I’m afraid…he told the truth. She won’t come…I was wro…" "(N/N)!!" Since the men were lying back to back, only John was able to see you.
Yes John. (Y/N) won’t come. You were right, I was not, could you now please stop wasting the last seconds of my life with telling me that I was wrong once, thank you.
Wrong with what?" You couldn’t hold back a smirk when you kneeled down in front of the perplex John and started undoing his ties. It took a few death silent seconds, before the mastermind finally ‘answered’. "John I told you she would come. After all she’s no one but the apprentice of Sherlock Holmes!

Yeah, yeah Sherlock and some days ago you called me ordinary. Thanks for your trust anyways~ According to the “I was wrong you were right” I guess not everybody here trusts that much in my abilities…" The guilt was written all over his face when he started help you with freeing Sherlock. "We will talk about this later, John.” you sent him a sinister glance before the three of you finally hurried to the emergency exit…and not a second too early. The moment you rushed through the door, the train arrived, punctual at the minute.

[It was a nice meeting my dear Jim. You have a very pleasant voice. <3 ] // [Successfully sent to “J.M.”]

Damn it, please remind me of kicking Lestrade in his British ass when we’re outta here…he was supposed to stop that train." You sighed when you searched for the way back to the surface, which lead John to look at you questioning.
(N/N)…One Question. Moriarty got a text from the front he sent to the appointment with you…how did it come that you weren’t there at all?" "Well…I understood that Moriarty wouldn´t come there personally…and that game can be played by both sides. I sent Donovan there, to meet him.
What if he would have seen you before it wouldn’t have worked!" "Well about the would…I’m pretty sure, Moriarty has seen me before. He knows who I am and he has my phone number after all. But I took the chance that his accomplice might have never actually seen me. It’s dark, Donovan wears a hood and he has never heard my voice.” You stopped talking, since you finally had reached the surface: There were countless police cars and task forces everywhere. “A little bit late.” You muttered with an annoyed glance, when you saw Lestrade coming to you exited, when your phone buzzed once again.

[You once wondered whether we play the same game Mrs. (Y/N)? Let me assure you that I myself find it a pleasant surprise that you do so, dear. ] // [Message from “J.M.”]

 You had no chance to think about it any further, since Lestrade had arrived you. “(Y/N)! Sherlock, John! You are alright! I´m so sorry, we weren´t…” “Able to stop the train? Yes George, we noticed that. Moriarty of course took some steps to prevent you from doing so. However I don´t expect that you were able to catch the accomplice he ordered to distract (Y/N) either? …As supposed. If you excuse us now, we will return to Bakerstreet, before the next one who tries it really kills one of us… thanks to you.
Your phone buzzed another time, but all of the sudden you felt the watch on your necklace going warm? “John, (Y/N), Are you ready to leave?” “More than happy about it. What about you … (N/N)?” Since he got no answer, he quickly turned around to look for you.

But you were gone.

Chapter 9 - What am I, 911?


While the men in front of you were talking, your phone rang, signalizing an incoming call. Completely unsuspiciously, you answered, although it was a foreign number...something you would never do again.


"Yes, hi?"

"Hello? Hello! Damn finally, I reached through to someone! Is that you Widd... *chrh*" "Sorry?!" The man's words were interrupted by some strange interferences.

"...You have to ... outta here! They trapped me in...Old Weapon factories down in..."

"I can't understand you, I only hear like every second word, could you..."


The interferences became more intense until you couldn't understand anything at all. You suddenly felt growing pain on your chest, noticing that while you were talking, your pocket watch has become burning hot.


With your free hand, you started an attempt to remove the necklace, but failed when you were covered in a faint white light, which you knew all too well...the watch, was teleporting you. Great as if you wouldn´t have had enough problems at all. Two phone calls requiring your instant assistance in kind of three hours…what were you, 911?



When you opened your eyes, it took you a while to adjust to the surroundings. It was sometime in the late evening, maybe nine or ten pm and already pretty dark. You noticed that you still had your mobile pressed to your ear. The call has been quit so you shoved it in the pocket of your Jeans, starting to wonder where you were at all.

A short glance on your pocket watch, that has gone back to his temperature almost innocent as if it wouldn't be capable of burning you at all, revealed its red hand at '9'. Shaking your head pensively, you hid the watch in the back Pocket of your jeans, so it wouldn't hurt you if it decided to randomly freak out again, taking a look at the area.


It was a dreary, most likely abandoned building that reached in the sky right in front of you. Its walls were made of blank, gray concrete, giving it a cold and almost threatening appearance. You began wandering around searching for an entrance, because what else could you have done?

Indeed it would have been a better idea to return to Sherlock and Watson, or at least to call them, but your were just too curious! Moreover, if they did not call you on their own, they could not be that concerned.


Your thoughts wandered back to the phone call: You definitely knew that voice...but who could it have been? He didn't sound panicking although he said that he has been trapped in some old weapon factory... Sunken in your thoughts you did not look at the ground enough and stumbled over some rusty tools, randomly left at the property. You hit the ground, but got up immediately.


Finally, you found an entrance, a rusty old font of metal fixed on the wall next to it, that made your breath stop for a second. You finally knew, who the foreign caller has been...but you had no plan whether to start crying of happiness or of despair.


The font read: "Production hall #2b-8 // Stark Industries"


After your first surprise, you couldn't hold back an amused giggle.

The amazing Mr. Anthony Stark has been trapped in one of his own old factories. And according to his words, you were the only one knowing about it...great. Seemed like it was up to you know to save the damsel in distress...or at least to sneak in, check out the situation and contact Fury about it.

Swiftly you opened the door and sneaked in, moving as silent and carefully as possible. "Damn it, why can't I land on a nice place at least once?" you muttered at yourself, eying the abandoned production lines and machines in distrust.

You winced in shock, when a single noise broke through the dull silence. A quiet reminded you of those of a refrigerator. That it was anything but this, you found out when you reached what was presumably the main production hall.


The sight sent cold shivers down your spine and caused you to breathe heavily; In the middle of the big, mainly empty, hall there were two single persons.

One of them was a woman you never had seen before, standing in front of a metallic construction. Her dark hair was braid to a strict tail, hanging over her shoulder; her clothes were also dark and seemed to have some parts of armor integrated.

Due to the sparse lightning, you barely saw her face or anything else.


The mentioned construction in front of her appeared to be the source of the quiet hum you had heard earlier. Obviously, it was a giant electro-magnet...and pinned against said magnet, in an approximate height of twenty feet, was Iron Man.

In full armor, excepting for the helmet, barely able to move and with complete annoyance in his handsome face. You started wondering how he were able to phone you, but assumed it had something to do with JARVIS and was also the reason his helmet was gone.


After staring at the grotesque scene in front of you for a few seconds, you became aware of your current problem.


Iron Man was, completely helpless, pinned to a magnet in front of what certainly was a villain... and somebody had to help him getting down there.

Unfortunately the only available 'somebody' around were you: A mortal human being, without any super-powers, combat-skills or magical tricks of any kind.

And although you had no idea who the kickass woman was, she didn't look like it would be advisable to put up a fight with her.

But nevertheless...maybe it were the experiences of the last few days that made you feel like this, but you had the sudden urge to help him. Of course, you could sneak out again and somehow contact Fury but what if she did something to him in the meantime?

The situation required a quick reaction.


Luckily, an idea began taking shape in your mind: Stark was pinned to an electro-magnetic. If you could find a way to unsuspiciously separate it from the power-source, he would be free and could do...well whatever he would do. Beat up the Villain or just getting out of her together with you, you did not mind.


You let your eyes wander over the ground until you finally noticed one single cable, leading from the magnet out of your view.

The plan would have been okay...wouldn't you have been underestimating someone.


You moved one of your feet forward slowly, trying to sneak into the cable's direction without any noise...and obviously failed.

The woman suddenly turned around, looking in the exact direction where you were hiding behind some old boxes, also giving you the opportunity to finally see her face: The woman was hardly older than twenty-five.

"Ah," Her voice was clear, not showing the slightest emotion except for merciless determination.

"Coming to save your friend I suppose? Finally, I was already somehow...getting bored is the term I think?” You saw how Stark rolled his eyes, but you had no idea what was going on anyways.


The woman expected an Agent, or maybe one of the avengers...

That's how you came to the presumably most insane idea you ever had.


You stepped out of your cover, your hands risen to show that you were unarmed and the most innocent and confused of your expressions on your face.


"N...not really!" You exclaimed with a timid voice.

"See...I'm just a random girl! I sneaked in here out of curiousness! You know, teens and abandoned old buildings and stuff… I didn't expect anyone inside here! I don't even personally know this suit-guy up there!"

 You had no idea who of the two looked at you more baffled. Actually Stark made an offended impression. Most likely because you called him suit-guy.

Just leave me go and forget about all this yeah? I haven´t seen anything at all!

You prayed to all gods that this would work.




Sold / Ch.VIII + Ch.IX (Superwholock Fanfiction)
:new:CHAPTER 9 IS UP :D :new:


(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname)  // (N/N) ..Nickname


Prologue + Ch. 1 :  Sold / Pologue + Ch. I (Superwholock Fanfiction)

Chapters 2+3:  ( Sold / Ch. II + Ch. III (Superwholock Fanfiction) )

Chapters 4+5: Sold / Ch. IV + Ch. V (Superwholock Fanfiction)

Chapters 6+7: Sold / Ch. VI + Ch. VII (Superwholock Fanfiction)



Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara :iconsecret-fandom-santa: Red Bow by Gasara

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Pixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfearPixel - Xmas Box Bar by firstfear

Hey guys I thought about making a secret Santa Group for 2014, :iconsantalaplz: themed on this four amazing fandoms:

 :bulletred: Supernatural
:bulletnavy: by Wooded-Wolf  Dr.Who
 :bulletwhite: Avengers (Marvel)
Bulletsky by Wooded-Wolf Sherlock

Since there are many fandom-based Secret Santas (you know like MlP, Naruto etc etc~) and I never actually hosted a Secret Santa ^^

I tried Fairytail last year but basically got completely ignored

So this year I´m gonna ask first:

Is there anyone who woul be interested in such a Secret Santa Event? <3
Then fave this journal or comment!

It will be a group for both artwork and literatur! <3

Maybe I´ll even keep the group and host other events, like a secret easter bunny and secret valentine ;)</span>


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Id like to start a premium membership so please donate <3

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Dean Quote Stamp by LenaLawliet
Vampire Knight, Night Class by bellie1997Kira Is Justice - Stamp by LenaLawlietSacrifice to Jashin stamp by zelos22Kid Stamp Theft by kolidescopeAssassins creed stamp Death by RedSlashwolfSold my soul to Square Enix by adijiaCastiel Stamp by zerotozune
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Screw Prince Charming. by flutterskiesHEY -snatch- Stamp by flutterskiesStamp - Shin x Ran by eve-sh
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