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Joyeux Anniversaire Sally! by Micia96
Joyeux Anniversaire Sally!
Joyeux anniversaire :iconsallynyan:!

en retard, en retard, je suis toujours en retard...

Je me ne peux pas souvenir, quand j´ai...quand j´´s eleven pm here and I can´t even french right no.. . -.

I can´t remember when I drew Diala for the last must´ve been ages!
I hope you like the drawing and I wish you a great (sorta late) Birthday and an amazing year! :heart::love:

Artwork (c) Micia96
Diala / Character Design (c) Sallynyan / SallyAnne-Ichi
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I changed my Ao3!
It´s now "FallenRichardBrook" ! c:

Chapter 18 - Who the Hell is Adam?

While our four heroes, Sam, Dean, the Doctor and of course you, started their journey to ancient Greece to destroy the box of Pandora before her demons could rip the world apart, Castiel, reliable Angel of the Lord, stayed behind in the present and tried to fulfil his personal task of babysitting your self-appointed godchild, Adam, the Adipose.

So, what do we do now?” Castiel looked at the small creature in his hands, the Adipose meanwhile stared up at him with a somewhat genuine smile. He glanced through the room, thinking about what you had told him earlier. Maybe he should search a save place for him, or…a sharp pain in his hand distracted the angel from his thoughts. He watched down just in time to see Adam biting his finger. Ignoring the pain, Cas was more irritated by the reason of his behaviour.

Interesting…” He mumbled, sitting the Adipose down at the Motel table, and eying him as he started to roam the table curiously.

She mentioned that you might be hungry…” Through various occasions Cas had experienced that infant individuals were often fed warm milk, so he quickly opened the fridge and really found a half empty milk carton. But when he tried to feed it to Adam….he spit it out with a disgusted face. The Angel felt upcoming panic: if he didn´t like the milk, what else was he supposed to give him? Would he starve if he didn´t find something in time? What if he didn´t spit out the milk because he didn´t like it, but because it was poisonous for him!?

Quickly he turned back to the fridge panic-struck searching through the small fridge in order to find something he could fed to the small creature. He was interrupted by a dark voice that suddenly spoke up from behind him.

If this isn´t everybody´s favourite Trenchcoat buddy on duty.

The angel turned around in confusion, suddenly standing eye in eye with the king of hell himself.

Hello there, Castiel.

Crowley…what do you want?”

Cas narrowed his eyes in distrust, while the demon made an offended expression.

Why does everybody greet me such cold hearted?

When Cas just stared at him but didn´t give an answer, he continued talking.

Such talkative today, angel boy? Well then I ´ll talk straight; I suppose the Winchesters and Y/N already left to look for the weapon?” He took the silence as a `yes´.

If so, there is something that needs to be done before they return. They can hardly destroy the box without having the box, eh?

Why would you do this?” Crowley smiled at the confused face in front of him.

Well, I just want to get rid of Pandora´s bothersome demons.”

…and why would you tell me?”

“Oh Castiel…you aren´t the fastest thinker around. I can´t get the box all on my own.”

“I…I don´t trust you. I can´t.”

Wise decision. Never trust anyone. And now come, we have to leave.

I already said; I can´t. I have to take care of Adam.”

Finally the demon lost the last of his patience.

What in the name of heaven and hell is Adam!?”

That´s…” He turned around to point at the table but froze in his movements when he noticed that the table was empty. Cas gave a shocked outcry, and started looking through the whole room, furiously ripping cupboards open and looking for the Adipose in every corner.

Crowley meanwhile watched the angel with growing confusion. He leaned back at the kitchen counter, one hand laid on the counter, the other one in his pockets. His expression was sheer confusion but he didn´t dare to ask out loud. He watched for a while but suddenly he felt something on his hand and turned around…but not in time. The demon cursed as he felt the pain in his finger, glaring at the white figure on the counter.

That´s Adam! Don´t hurt him!” Cas was suddenly standing next to Crowley again, quickly shoving himself between the demon and his protegee.

Y/N gave him to me, be careful with him!”

“YN/N, eh? …what is he doing there? Is he eating a gummy bear?” Cas looked down at Adam and indeed he finally seemed to have found something to eat; an open bag of gummy bears on the counter, obviously left behind by Dean. He was nibbling happily on a red exemplar.

Crowley sighed shortly and nodded.

Okay, then take him with us or whatever.” When Castiel only scolded as reaction, he rose his hands in a surrendering gesture.

Your precious little friend won´t get hurt, by scout´s honour! And now come, we want to get the box back in time.”

Chapter 19 - The First Trial

When the Tardis landed you opened the door curiously, quite exited after your, sort of, first time travel. You stared around in awe when you saw where you had stopped: on the side of a busy street, obviously in the middle of some ancient Greek city. It was warm, the sky was cloudless blue and the air was filled with exotic smells. The Winchesters left the phone box directly after you and stared at their surroundings.

Sam gasped for air when he noticed the old buildings and he even pinched himself in the arm, rarely believing the sight in front of him.  Dean was also amazed, but less by the local architecture than by the local people. A short whistle left his lips when a woman walked by and his eyes wandered down her slim figure. She was carrying a water decanter on her head, rarely noticing the strangers in the weird clothes.

So, I think…” The Doctor closed the Tardis´ door while pushing the three of you out of the doorframe and into a side alley. “Since the three of you are pretty conspicuous we should leave the city as fast as possible and get the box!”

“The three of us..?” You gave a meaningful glance at his coat but he just smiled at you and took your hand, pulling you along the small street, rarely taking notice if Sam and Dean followed you. Indeed they almost lost you, too astonished by their surroundings to immediately notice that you left.

After a while of walking you reached a small hill, a colorful temple on top of it, olive trees surrounding the beautiful building.

Dean looked at the temple with narrowed eyes, confused by all the colours on the building and the statues. He pointed at a sculpture, you assumed it to be Apollo, with his thumb, tilting his head at you.

Isn´t this dude supposed to be, like you know, plain white?”

Sam giggled knowingly and you just shook your head with a tender smile.

They are only white in our time, because the colour has been flaking off throughout the centuries. Same goes for the temple.”

The doctor finally stopped when you reached the temple´s backside and were surrounded by countless trees, in the distance you could see, your sight restricted by the trees, the coast and the ocean.

So…” you stepped a bit closer to the man and looked over his shoulder, eying his face and the area. He looked around with a focused glance, mumbling something you couldn´t understand.

Where is it, Doctor?”

 “Well…it is buried.”

Now you were the one to narrow eyes…you had a bad idea what he meant.

Yeah…and where exactly it is buried?”

“I uh…” he ran a hand through his hair before giving you an excusing smile.

Somewhere behind the temple. …under the oldest tree.”

 “Euh doctor, I don´t wanna complain, but…there´s like 1000 of them.”

Well, then we should start digging!”

You looked at the giant area in front of you, quietly cursing at the work that was about to come, when he already handed you a small shovel. Looking back you noticed that the Winchesters had taken three of them out of the bags they brought along and started to dig small holes in the ground next to you.

With a sigh you started working, somewhat regretting that you decided to help the Winchesters.

It took only three hours, countless complaints from Dean, especially regarding the fact that the Doctor wasn´t `helping,` and some small bruises on the three of you, to find what you were looking for.

You already had searched through half of the plantation when your shovel finally met something hard, stone-like. With an exited cry you fell on your knees, carefully removing the remaining earth. The Doctor hurried up to you and the boys left their shovels behind to help you lifting the heavy object out of the dry earth.

After the massive stone box was opened, you found a small red box, which you knew all too well, inside it.

While you started to remove the red fabric, as Crowley had told you to do in order to find the location of the first trial, the doctor pulled out his glasses and read the inscription he had found on the stone box´ lid.

Whoever releases the box, revealing the way to those one to destroy it, shall be burdened with its trials. …I´m not sure but I guess we should think about it before we remove the fabric. It could be dangerous to…euh…Y/N…did you just…?”

Uh, sorry did you just say something?” You gave him an innocent smile and he just sighed exhausted.

Nothing. Just…never mind I don´t think that it´s that important. Now let me have a look.”

The Winchesters next to you exchanged worried looks and you weren´t sure if it has been a good idea…you remembered what happened when Sam had his trials. But this had been some heaven-Metatron-flipping-angels thing and this was just….a demon box. Alright, maybe you were screwed but that was something you could worry about later on. You paid attention to the tenth again who had already figured out the map in front of him.

Yes, yes, easy enough… this map leads to a small cave, not far from here.” He pointed at the coast, behind the plantation.

We should be able to make it there within twenty minutes, so it we can be there long before sunset.”

Dean was the first who rose from the dirty ground with a half-hearted smirk, throwing the shovel back into his bag.

Good thing. So let´s go, we want to be back before we get hungry, didn´t exactly bring provisions.”

The Doctor´s assessments were correct; within twenty minutes you were standing in front of a big stone-portal. Actually it was only a large hole in the massive stonewall at the coast.

So and now…wait, look!” Sam looked sincerely at the dark entrance, suddenly noticing a small font on the hole´s right side.

…Doc, can you read this?” He nodded at Dean, before reading out loud so everybody could understand the words.

The first trial shall await whomever walks through this portal. Be aware that once in there is no out before everything is fulfilled, don´t get deceived by beauty…guess we found the entrance.” He smiled excitedly before entering the cave and you followed him quickly.

Once inside, you suddenly heard a loud crashing noise and jumped around just in time to see the opening behind you close without visible reason.

Silently muttering curses you quickly followed the men who had already wandered into the dark corridor in front of you. When you finally reached them, you almost bumped into Sam who had stopped his steps abruptly, staring at something you couldn´t see due to the giant moose in front of you.

Sam, would you please…I can´t…” Managing to shove yourself through in between the two brothers, the Doctor on the other side, you looked at whatever had irritated the men so much, freezing when your eyes fell upon the most miraculous thing you had seen in your entire life: An enormous glade, inside the cave. Small waterfalls were making their way down the rocky walls, flowing into small lakes on each side of the cave, you were surrounded by trees and flowers you had never seen before. Although there was a stone ceiling above your heads, the cave was enlightened day-bright without a visible light source…but the most amazing thing was right in front of you. Across the small opening of the passage you just had left there was a door- a portal to be more exact. The giant door was made out of emerald green marble, as high as the ceiling itself; assumingly 15 meters, and 10 meters broad. The door wings were covered into filigree details, gems and all sorts of exotic ornaments…but unluckily they seemed to be closed.

The Doctor was the first one who entered the “open” space, an exited shimmer in his eyes and a broad smile on his lips.

This planet never fails to amaze me…all those beautiful places and all those wonderful miracles you humans have directly under your feet!

Dean looked remarkable confused by the exclamation, but you didn´t have the heart to tell him that aliens were real…not yet.

So Doctor, what…” When you stopped talking mid-sentence he turned around with a questioning look, confusion mixing in his features when he noticed how pale you suddenly were.

Y/N…is everything alright?”

Slowly you shook your head, raising your hand and pointing out your index finger at what had driven you to such a state of shock and disbelief.

…guys…what exactly did Minotaurs look like?”

 “Humanoid, but with the head of a bull, although I don´t…”

After answering your question Sam followed your look, so did the other men, and panic overcame then when they noticed the reason for your question.

In front of you there was a tall figure, which had obviously been standing between some trees on the cave´s backside before. Now it was coming in your direction and the remarkable thing wasn´t only its speed…but its whole appearance. It was tall, at least two meters, with a human body…and the head of a bull.

Holy shit!” Dean was the first one to find his words again….maybe not the most suitable ones but certainly they were accurate.

What in hell, damn it Sam grab the guns, quick!”

“NO!” The Doctor interfered quickly, ripping the bag out of Dean´s hands with a disgusted face. Said one glared at him in disbelief, pointing at the closer coming Minotaur furiously.

I don´t want to complain, BUT IT´S EITHER HIM OR US!”

"I won´t let you shoot him! NO WEAPONS!”

“Sam, can you please say something!”
Dean barked, turning around to his brother who was visibly torn apart between the options.

Well, I… in the original story he was captured in a maze, so maybe…”

“Great idea, genius, do you see any mazes around here!?”

“Well, how we talk about this later and do something instantly; like running!”  You grabbed the collar of Dean´s jacket with one hand, dragging him into the small path where you had come from, pushing Sam into it at the same time. You managed to reach the entrance, or to be more exact the blank stone wall that had appeared instead of it, when Dean started cursing again.

You didn´t listen to his exact words, exhausted you leaned back on the wall beside the former door, trying to catch your breath. The Minotaur´s steps had disappeared after a while of running, so most likely he gave up his hunt and waited for you at the exit of the tunnel. Suddenly the wall behind you gave away. A slight shriek escaped you when you suddenly hit the hard ground, looking around in surprise. Sam carefully helped you on your feet, while the Doctor inspected the dark tunnel behind you.

It was a rather tube, so it wouldn´t be possible for any of you to stay upright.

I guess we found the correct way this time. “Don´t get deceived by beauty”…this meant the impressive door we saw earlier.”

“So, this is the correct entrance?” The Doctor nodded at Dean´s suspicious question, quickly entering the tunnel and leaving you no other choice than following him. With a desperate sigh Dean crawled in right after him, leaving you and Sam behind.

You exchanged a knowingly smile with the younger Winchester; Dean and the Doctor wouldn´t become best buddies all too soon. Sam let you the precedence, so he could have a look back to make sure the Minotaur didn´t show up again. A weird, hot feeling boiled up in your stomach when you entered the tunnel, but it left as quickly as it came so you just blamed your excitement.

Sold / Ch.XVIII + Ch.XIX (Superwholock Fanfiction)
Chapter 18: Bonus Chapter! : D
Chapter 19: Warning! Strong language/cursing! (blame Dean) 


Y/N ..First Name  //  L/N ..Last Name (Surname)  // YN/N ..Nickname


Prologue + Ch. 1 :  Sold / Pologue + Ch. I 

Chapters 2+3:   Sold / Ch. II + Ch. III 

Chapters 4+5: Sold / Ch. IV + Ch. V 

Chapters 6+7: Sold / Ch. VI + Ch. VII 

Chapters 8 + 9: Sold / Ch.VIII + Ch.IX 

Chapters 10+11:  Sold / Ch.X + Ch.XI 

Chapters 12+13: Sold / Ch.XII + Ch.XIII 

Chapters 14+15:  Sold / Ch.XIV + Ch.XV 

Chapters 16 + 17:   Sold / Ch.XVI + Ch.XVII 

Chapters 18 + 19
I watch the bees by Micia96
I watch the bees
Haven´t submitted Artwork in ages...euh, sorry.

As excuse: A little Cas ; )

Castiel as portrayed by Misha Collins (c) CW Supernatural
Artwork (c) Micia96


Micia | Amy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Kiriban @ 36.789

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